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Review : The Aravan Head. 

The Aravan Head, the most thrilling, interesting with curious plot book, written by Arvind.

I couldn’t actually judge much about the book with its cover, but the blurb had little to say about the plot. The title is apt, but before completing the book you can’t really know what is going to unfold with. 

Three mysterious crimes, in different locations, but somewhere sort to be interconnected to one another. The stories are linked to the Mumbai mafia, how will the police solve the case. 
Characterisation :

The characters are powerful, fun to read, easy to connect with. The way the characters are portrayed, it seems you can feel, and see them. As though you know those people so well. 

The story, the plot, the research to connect the dots, the characters, and every detailed thing about the book is beautifully written and presented it so well. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. You find it little confusing in between, but as the pages turn, the plot reveals the story. It is unpredictable with essence of every emotional touch.  The narrations skills of the author are real good. 

Book Review

Principles of success

My verdict :

This book is beautifully crafted for motivation and inspiration, and never to give up on anything. The blurb tells you about the content that book stores in about the ideation of self help, and how to keep going and succeed in anything we wish.

This book is neatly piled into 14 chapters, and each chapter engaging with different approaches and techniques to deal and develop one self. Every chapter is unique and beautifully illustrated. Author has definitely have had made lot of research on various aspects before compiling these into book, this book has helped me very much. I have also made few key points, from this very book, which will always keep me motivated and inspired to move on to greater steps and head towards the ladder of success.

Thus, I would recommend this book to everyone. Everyone who wants to right motivation in the right direction and time can read this and apply in your life. Beautiful read indeed.

Book Review

Review : Transitions and beyond 

This book is totally filled with energy and positive vibes, this book consists of three modules or parts, each divided with 15 chapters. 

The cover of the is not much exciting, but well one shouldn’t really judge the book by its cover, the title is apt and suitable for the book. The blurb gives you the idea on what actually the book is based on, by reading the blurb itself, the positivity oozes. 

Each module helps you to overcome your flaws, to know it’s always okay, and never mess within your own mind and regret, not letting anything break you, face the difficulties, accept your flaws and mistakes, it’s okay to be imperfect. And yes it’s always the change should start within you, change the atmosphere, dream big. 

I liked the concept of this book, it’s self-help, and amazingly highly motivated book. 

Over all, an amazing concept. 

Book Review

Review : The Moon in The Sun

Book : The Moon in the Sun

Author : Sanjay Kumar Singh

Publications : Notion press

Price : 340

My verdict :

The story is beautifully portrayed in form of poetry, the entire plot is dived into two parts the first one carries the Past of Narayan Sambhan and the second half conveys how he discovers peace in forest. 

The title is apt for the book, which indeed the meaning. The cover of the book conveys lot, even the picture of the Tiger indicates about forest and wildlife and love for the nature.

The story revolves around Narayan Sambhan who talks about beauty of wildlife, nature and love for the same, discovering the forest is so thrilling. And portraying the same seems to be difficult but the author has done commendable Job. Writing the whole novel in form of poetry. Love for tigers, the lush Green forest, woods, tall tress. If you’re nature lover you will definitely find yourself paved in the forest green. 

An amazing story. 

Book Review

Review : White smoke 

My verdict : 

White smoke, the missing shimla girl By Nikhil Mahajan is the tale of love, romance, mystery, betrayal. Well, this book has three stories to go on, with the tinge of past and present. And the author has maintained the pace every well. All the stories are connected to one another. Sure the author has dealt in making lot of research work, which can be seen inside the book. The stories are fun, containing madness, though at times we feel it’s stupidity to do something for love but few people tend to do everything, breaking up with the present girlfriend to find a unknown girl from the photo, is a new concept :p. And also another love story to witness followed by another mystery, will cops be able to find the murderer? To read more, pick this book

The cover designed is quiet good. But the name really doesn’t have anything to do with the story, yet. It’s okay. Until you don’t judge the book by its cover or name. 

The narration is beautifully done, it’s fast pace story, the characteristics are good and portrayed well. 

Book Review

Review : Inside the heart of hope 

We’re all a little broken, and that’s okay. 

Or is it? Rick has a medical condition that makes his life different from the rest. But unlike others around him, he sees this not as a curse, but as an opportunity to cherish life and all the bitter-sweet gifts it brings with it. 

Amidst frequent visits to the doctor, multiple surgeries that risk his life being, and a life that meant surveillance all the time, Rick has to fight for himself each day. But he pulls through, thanks to his family and friend Jacob, who become his pillars of strength. 

And then, at a time when he is least expecting it, and with someone he meets by accident – love happens. It’s a new feeling for his heart and he is scared to lose it. 

Will Lisa really understand the goodness of his heart or just walk away? 

Inside the Heart of Hope is a story of strong will, perseverance and optimism which will make you wonder if sky is really the limit.

My verdict : 

“Inside the heart of hope” is what evryone go through, there are bad times, we all go through thick n thin, sick and sin, but it all depends upon us what we choose to take end of the day.

Hope is something that exists in everyone. Maybe sometimes the hope flickers, but yet it remains. This story revolves around a guy Rick who has faced lots of health issues in the childhood due to which he could never enjoy his life fully, he always envied his friends who did so, he also tends to fall in love with a girl, but it doesn’t last long until she knows about his health. But due to hope in him that continues to boost his confidence. He fights against every odd. 

The story is nicely portrayed, beautified, the charcatefistisation is nice. 

The cover of the book is okayish, but the title is absolutely connecting to the story. 

I would rate 4/5 stars. 

Book Review

Review : Les just not be only friends 

Name : Les just not only be friends

Author : Vikash Sharma

Publications : Creative keeda publications 

Price : 160

My verdict :

Well, it took longer time than needed to complete this book, the story revolves around Akash who has moved to noida for his further studies, meets his friends, then gradually life changes like any other group of friends live. With all the beautiful and stupid moments living together. The book has nothing new to serve cause that’s what all youngests do, the most cliché things, the book is romance genre, with philosophy. The mindset changes with the few tags, and the perception to look at the outside world. 

The pace of the story is too slow, which makes you feel irritated with repetitive scenes, it also covers about the life in film school. And how he falls in love at first sight with Neha. 

The cover of the book is okay-ish, the title isn’t much attractive. The book needs a lot of editing work. The scenes could have been less, the narration skills could have been edited or improved. Nevertheless the first debut book is worth reading one time.