love · Poems

Douse my desires 

love · Poems

I miss you. 

With passing days every nock and corner suppress me to think about you. 

How strange it is, even while I am with you, I feel this emptiness flowing just like the hope flows telling me one day things will be okay. 

But then I wonder, & think what “Hope” whispered to me, “one day things will be okay”. 

How are they gonna be okay?

While m still hurt, while yet my heart is aching for your glance, while the urge in me is still dancing to touch you, while every other thing reminds me of you. Is this the way gradually I feel okay, is this the way I feel fine about everything? 

Why is every inch of me Mourning, can’t you hear the pain yelling your name? Shouting for rescue. 

Why did I fall so deep, I feel as if I lost my own part, something that held me all strong and then withered away. 

I indulge in the same thinking, you being the muse, for how long will our days be bad? 

For how long the silence will prevail? 

For how long hope will flicker! 

For how long will I long? 

Or someday I shall also wither away. 

I miss you. 

love · My Man

He is my Smile 

Every action of his makes me fall for him more deeper, every time. 

He is eternal Bliss and smile on my face. 

It’s really hard for anyone to take it away, once I wear him. 

He is damn adorable with highly Mean skills in him. 
His voice soothes my bad mood and ache of the terrible day, 

His sighs assures me of him being there as a home. 

His affectionate kisses Rouses a belief in me, to plant a new hope. 
He is that Desire I never knew my heart always longed for, 

He is that Icing on a cake, m eternally blessed to have. 

No matter which way will pave me, no matter thrones or cactus befall my way, my words and my respect shall always remain the same in my heart. 
He Tease me like no friend does,

He loves me like no one else ever could

He piss me off like no enemy does 
In every phase, in ever step of life, ever eventide he has the special grip on me, like gravity has the force over everything ❤️