First Guest Lecture 

Oh yes!!!

My first Guest Lecture on “Journey of being an ENTREPRENEUR” was truly amazing Experience!
Adarsh Shikshan Samiti commerce college of Gadag had invited us to speak, to inspire Pu and Degree students 🙂
Best part was, neither we knew what to talk nor had planned for it, all we did is spoke on Spot! :’)
We initiated with, what made us be entrepreneurs, how we got the idea, and platform and how TiE helped us!
I spoke about my personal inspiration, Varun Agarwal, how his book helped me,

How it made me inspire.

Maatru paaka

A hungry business!
Bachelor’s, PG students and working professionals, who are fed up with Canteen food, Mess food.

Who can’t afford Hotel bills daily, but also can’t survive on street food, as its unhygienic!
We have a solution to these,

We serve them food.

Which is maintained hygienically, it is prepared by house wives, making sure, wearing gloves, head gears and aprons provided to them!

So that, people who come from different place, in order to persue education or also for jobs, so that they don’t feel home sick!

We also keep changing the menu!

And we provide food at the door step!

This was all about Maatru Paaka!
Our first audience were, 300 plus,

Who were students, of our age, and also a year elder to us!
And yes it feel so good


Being teen, and talking and interacting with students, telling people of your age about ENTREPRENEURSHIP!
It was like,

“My Story Session”.

All this while,

I kept meeting Big people,

Heard about them,

Told them that, their story was so inspiring,

And listened to them.

And clapped for them 🙂
And today,

I had the mike,whatsapp-image-2017-01-08-at-9-37-23-pm

I had people listening to my story,

I was inspiring them,

Motivating them.

And they were listening to me,

Clapping for me❤
That was happiness for me!
And cherry on the cake was added by Degree principal, when he said :
You all are of same age,

Today you’re sitting here and listening to them!


These are standing on dias and talking!

Here is the difference! :’)
Oh yeah!

It was prettywell! ☺
Oh yes,

Oh yes,

Oh my God, I feel like a Star 🙂 🙂 !!