Review : A marketplace for murder

Review: The books cover is very eye catchy, and the kind of to make sure you flip pages and start reading. I like reading the mysterious stories, just like this one.
The whole story revolves around this woman Leena, who is set up in Bangalore, the city I live in. The plot is very creative. The book keeps you hooked. The characters are well built and described well.
This book is for everyone who loves mystery, and how you unfold the case.


Day 2

Usually we are occupied with so much of things within us, and we hardly think of them if they matter to us or not. Yet, we start keep storing them in closet, in memories, in diaries.

So, why not sort what is important, more than anything, what is required, and what is not.

Few months back, when I sat down to clean my cupboard, I found my diaries that i used to write every day. I had stored everything within it, the good memories the bad ones, the horror ones, the threatening ones, the bills, the chits, the letters.

When i went through them, i realised though i have stored them in the safe layers of my heart and diaries, but what i realised is they are discomforting me now. That’s when i realised

” Only after dumping the so called necessary things in my life, i realised i never needed them”

That’s when i burnt those letters, and dumped things that aren’t needed.

You feel alot better when you start accepting things instead of just feeling bad about the phase.


Review : The Slut Chronicles: Betrayed

The Slut Chronicles: Betrayed

This book keeps you hooked until the last page, and urge to read the next one. As the blurb says, what is love, if not a passionate heartbreak?

The story revolves around Ishana, the gorgeous top model. She smashes someone’s head in the event for being called slut, and becomes the breaking news and headlines in the news.

To avoid all the mess, journalists, reporters, she sneaks out of her home from back gate and goes to one of the pub to get herself drunk, and that’s when ravi comes to her, one young journalist who begs to tell him her entire story, and what made her smash someone’s head that led him hospitalise. She avoids him in the begining, but he tries his luck hard, and he resembles her brother Rakshit. That’s when she decides to recites her story, but threatens him not to write or post an article without her consent.

As and when she begins reciting her horrifying story. The story keeps you glued entirely. Her best friends, shiva and sarv who has her back through her thick and thin, they have always been there for her when she needed, in her every decision.

Her story tells you, what loves makes to you. Utterly blind. Without thinking twice, you end up giving yourself to that someone who doesn’t value you a bit. Her school life was horrifying, she was always humiliated by her mother, who just wanted her to rank in school, irrespective of anything, she was angelic to her brother and everyone else except Ishana, her father was ignorant and only lend money when they needed, her brother was young and very dear to her.

When she thought she was in love with dev the one Who betrayed her, and how slut chronicles came into existence. To know more, read the this wonderful book.

The cover of this book is beautiful and catchy, the language keeps you hooked, easy to read and understand, the flow is perfect and not much dragging with unnecessary details.


Review : Chanakya Neeti

Well. Holding this book in my hand, i remembered the television show of chanakya, and the cover of the book resembled exactly the same. The cover is catchy and bright. The philosophy lovers will anyway grab the book.
The blurb is short, crisp and clear cut on what the book is based.

The book is written in simple language. The sholkas are translated to english and explained them wisely. Sometimes, awestruck with the theme of understanding in depth. Since, philosophy is my thing, i could relate few or more things deeply.
The life seems so hard, unsatisfying, difficult to deal with, but you always have easy options to deal with.
The book also took me to school days where we had chapters, lessons, and morals about the king, kingdom, ministers, wise people, foolish ones, and smart advisor too.

The book is pretty simple, yet you will have to have time in understanding the same in depth to understand the same.

I would rate 4/5



I shall delay everything
That walks my way
And settles down
Your naked fingers
Kiss my nether
Till my flower
Dribbles honey
We feel
The ardor
Of love
Oozed by our souls. -Shashwati Patil © Prisoned_maya


Review : The perfect drug

The perfect drug is crafted, plotted, narrated with lots of research, and hard-working into creating this one whole book.
The cover of the novel represents differently than as to the blurb of the book, each has its own way to convey their meaning and essence to reader. The blurb is pretty interesting, one key point for any reader to pick this novel up, as it has very interesting and slightly different content to offer the readers. The story is quiet unpredictable.

Ananya, who belongs to middle class family, but indeed good with his studies since school, but yet wishes to be different from others. In becoming that he fetches his time to invent the perfect drug. Making one realise the divinity in terms of reality, one should search the slightest thing from the big, and vice versa.
This book is amazingly crafted, you should read it with peace of mind else you end up confusing everything that comes your way. This book also keeps you hooked with this unique plot.
There are lot of characters in the book, that leads to huge confusion, the book is elaborated quiet loudly.
Yet I loved reading the book, this book also taught me different variations of life in terms of philosophy.


Review : For a girl in a star

For a girl in a star is one such book that leaves impression in your heart even after closing the book.

The blurb has given the idea about the book without reveling the much of the story. Reading the blurb it sounded much of daily soap and bollywood sort of story.

The cover of the book is quiet pleasant with stars and galaxy, quite my sort of. The title didn’t actually revel much to the ones who read just the title.

The language is very lucid, easy to understand, the plot was designed very well. The narration of the story was also great.

The story is about two best friends who could possibly do anything for each other, and when they come to bangalore they end up falling for the same girl Arti, then the story revolves around love, emotions, sacrifice, hurt.

The twists and turns will keep you hooked up till the last page. It was one amazing read.


Review : imperfect misfits

The blurb seemed very average sort of book, yet I picked up to read and ended completing the book cause unlike the other characters were different.
But love bloomed, the story revolves around two best friends taisha and aakash. As its known opposite poles attract each other, that’s how it happened. The childhood friends, on one hand aakash who knows his priorities, dreams and wants to become stand up comedian, on the other hand taisha who is very different to deal with, who is still not aware of her calling, yet wants to be chef.

In the journey, they end falling for each other, will they accept the love or turn back?
How will they deal with thier own feelings.
To know more, grab this book.

The title is perfect for the story, the cover is okay ish, the language is very simple and easy to understand, the Hindi language is also used in the book.