Review : For a girl in a star

For a girl in a star is one such book that leaves impression in your heart even after closing the book.

The blurb has given the idea about the book without reveling the much of the story. Reading the blurb it sounded much of daily soap and bollywood sort of story.

The cover of the book is quiet pleasant with stars and galaxy, quite my sort of. The title didn’t actually revel much to the ones who read just the title.

The language is very lucid, easy to understand, the plot was designed very well. The narration of the story was also great.

The story is about two best friends who could possibly do anything for each other, and when they come to bangalore they end up falling for the same girl Arti, then the story revolves around love, emotions, sacrifice, hurt.

The twists and turns will keep you hooked up till the last page. It was one amazing read.


Review : imperfect misfits

The blurb seemed very average sort of book, yet I picked up to read and ended completing the book cause unlike the other characters were different.
But love bloomed, the story revolves around two best friends taisha and aakash. As its known opposite poles attract each other, that’s how it happened. The childhood friends, on one hand aakash who knows his priorities, dreams and wants to become stand up comedian, on the other hand taisha who is very different to deal with, who is still not aware of her calling, yet wants to be chef.

In the journey, they end falling for each other, will they accept the love or turn back?
How will they deal with thier own feelings.
To know more, grab this book.

The title is perfect for the story, the cover is okay ish, the language is very simple and easy to understand, the Hindi language is also used in the book.