Review : Chanakya Neeti

Well. Holding this book in my hand, i remembered the television show of chanakya, and the cover of the book resembled exactly the same. The cover is catchy and bright. The philosophy lovers will anyway grab the book.
The blurb is short, crisp and clear cut on what the book is based.

The book is written in simple language. The sholkas are translated to english and explained them wisely. Sometimes, awestruck with the theme of understanding in depth. Since, philosophy is my thing, i could relate few or more things deeply.
The life seems so hard, unsatisfying, difficult to deal with, but you always have easy options to deal with.
The book also took me to school days where we had chapters, lessons, and morals about the king, kingdom, ministers, wise people, foolish ones, and smart advisor too.

The book is pretty simple, yet you will have to have time in understanding the same in depth to understand the same.

I would rate 4/5