Is it too hard? 

Is it too hard, 

To unfold yourself 

From your time? 

Is it too hard, 

To make minute call

From your time? 

Is it too hard, 

To care about my mood

From your time? 

Is it too hard, 

To stretch a minute, 

On the phone 

From your time. 

Is it too hard, 

To continue messaging, 

On the topic we talk? 

Is it too hard 

To digest the stories

I share? 

Is it too hard 

For you to console me, 

While I weep

Missing you. 


Isn’t it really hard for you, 

To keep me waiting

All the day 

All the time, 

Just waiting for you. 

Do I wait all day along, 

Till sun sets, 

And till night sleeps

Just to hear you whisper, 


It’s never difficult for you

To jump on friends bike for a ride. 
It’s never been a problem, 

To plan outings on Saturday nights. 

It’s never been issue, 

To make some time for smoke. 

It’s never been hard, 

To accompany

Your friend for a Drink. 


With all this, 

It’s getting easy for

Me to predict 

Our destination. 
It’s getting more easier for me 

For all the answers that I know 

Cause you repeat same lines

Again and over again. 

It won’t be hard 

For you to adapt new things, 

Neither hard for you

To leave me. 
It won’t be hard for you to move on 

And live life along. 

For that TIME, 

That keeps you so

Busy and sticked, 

Won’t let you

Break in emotions

In souviner of US. 


How could you? 

​I hate you..how easily could you walk away from life?

If you had to walk, if you had to leave,

Why on this fucking earth,

You loved me?

Why did you held me?

How easily you lost the battle, surrendering yourself to death?


So that, I dream us, and build castle of love, and than break all those myself?? Maybe, walking away from life was much easy for you,

But, to let you go.

It feels like stamping my on heart,

Striking sword across my own heart,

no, am no fire,

I can’t burn your pictures, letters, and memories.

And they won’t turn into ash, mixing with air.

Instead will hover over me all my life.

You will remain like living element to me,

Maybe, reason to live, or 

Reason to blame.
Perhaps, I could easily fade within you, 

But, that won’t happen with me, and if you bid goodbye, I won’t let you die. 

I won’t deny, I am fool of course,

But not so big one to give my timid heart again to someone, so he could break it all again!

No, memories won’t fade, 

Maybe wouldn’t blush anymore, the way I would hearing you,
Was loving you madness?

or breathing here waiting for you?
Shashwati Patil

My Man

Dear Love. 

Just a moment to thank you for all the love that you keep Showering upon me.

Ain’t the worth of it, but am too selfish to let it go, or let you go. You just appeared like angel from the womb of the heavenly sky, adoring me in every way, teaching me about everything, giggling at me while I make mistake.

Life couldn’t have been more beautiful than this, every day I hope for new things that would begin from you and never return to end. I just don’t want to bid bitter goodbye to the journey am travelling, why should I stop travelling? When I am immensely in love with life, with the new life that just happened to me, and everything gladdened like never before.

Falling madly in love with every phase that we are living, the connection is growing strong as wildfire, so protective like lioness safeguarding her cubs from disaster, as colourful as artist strokes his brush on canvas flattering with new lives daily, as emotional as Poet who kisses his verses before he walks to dreamland, as beautiful as rainbow sprinkling and enhancing the beauty, as good as pleasure that shrinks love on body, as sacred as manhood. Am just madly, entirely, beautifully fallen in Love with this what we are.

I would always glow your name with love, no matter where destiny shall land us to.

You would be the most beautiful broken piece that I have ever collected, that I have mostly adored, that I have only fallen for, that I have always sought for. ❤️

Valentines day, a day that every couple celebrates.

But for me, as long as you’re with me, you keep making moments worth mesmerising, you make every day special ❤️ for the only reason, ain’t much keen on celebrating either valentines day with you or birthdays.



The time has begun.

When I can’t hear a thing amidst standing in the crowd, all I could hear was my own heart whimpering loudly, numb, dumbstruck, I neither wanted to react, nor respond, but just hear to my hearts cry, and need answers to my travelling questions.

Lump in my throat, tired and well verse is done with screaming, yelling. And those eyes look like dried well.

Time is running, seasons reappeared, and haven’t dealt with my own past.

My past? Or only that person?  Or to be precise,  the only relation that I had clung on. As that one particular memory of crevicing in the bond rushes to my brain, the fear embraces me, tears make their way, the atmosphere sling rapidly on same thoughts. And I dwell.

Didn’t I make efforts?  Didn’t my voice reach him? Didn’t my heartbeats Scream for him? Didn’t my soul Crave for his love?

Wasn’t my fair skin enough for beauty?

Wasn’t I big mess?

I wonder.

I doubt my capabilities,

I doubt my self.

From soft silent weeps to terrible harsh yells,

Small prayers to madness with blades and fire,

Just to know, ‘WHY ME? ‘
And my mind is only occupied with all these thoughts, you they don’t let them occupy with something better, neither I let them.
All I feel is to quit, quit and just quit, quit life, quit everything that I came my way. Cause every damn thing is abiding me in those moments of life.

No, wdf_1271104wait.

I can see those wings that are flattering on my back, have I got them to quit?

O no.

Lemme take them to fly in hope, those invisible wings that I have will take me in depth of life, I will live, I will survive, I will cherish memories that I had had with them. I will narrate stories that I lived. I won’t abide that comes my way, I Shall accept it and move on where I want to be, not where life would, or circumstances would want me to walk.

I will live.

I will live.

I will live with all the hope in me.

I will survive for all that I want to be.


I How long? 

For how long shall I break within,

For how long should I stay numb?

For how long should I fight back?

For how long should I lie?

For how long should I console my heart?

It was getting tougher, harder day by day.

But, now it so feels like ‘someone is stopping me from breathing’.

I so feel isolated, lost in my dark world, where j can’t even find my own shadow to carry.

For how long should I just wait?

Wait for hope to things get better,

Or waiting to witness all heartening things happening?

What is getting so hard for me?

Although it’s taking me each breath, I still don’t want to move away from here, I just want to stay back, stay back in the hope that I had sowed someday.

The hope in his smile, in his name, in his voice, in his words.

I cry, I Yell in his name and scream loudly for someone to rescue me, and then, I find myself consoling my heart, and mind back with all beautiful lies. I fight within myself for him.

I don’t utter a word to him.

I shall wait,

I shall wait,

I shall wait.

But can anyone of you, tell me for how long should I stay?

And trust me, till then I won’t speak a thing, I won’t even Hush, I will wait. I will wait. And just keep waiting until he returns.

Darling, if you’re not returning, please splash your sword on my hope, and let me live in your souvenir, don’t let me die to waityy for you.


Review : Khan vs Kahn vs Kahn 

Book Name : Khan vs Kahn vs Kahn 

Author : N. S. Ravi

Publications : Notion Press 

Price : 370

The book is provided by Arudha Club in

exchange for a genuine review.

Book blurb :- The three Khans, Akbar, Amit and Chris, spelt their surnames differently but the Indian filmgoer still liked them. They were the uncrowned kings and superstars of the Hindi film industry. ‘Uncrowned’ meant there was no clarity about who was better than the other. This confusion was on display from the way they tried to run down each other in private and public. 

Baba Ram Karim was everything rolled into one-a philanthropist, businessman, film financier, race horse breeder, educationist and much more. Some called him Don behind his back! 

The three superstars indulge in ruckus and childish behaviour during Baba’s famous Iftar party where they were invitees. A furious and unhappy Baba plans retribution and calls it Khan Vs Kahn Vs Kanh.
My verdict :

Story line is about Bollywood industry, revolving around three superstars whose surname sounds similar. The circumstances they go through, how even the success can cause thrash and problematic and one falls in mess.  The journey of being a superstar, and working accordingly to your work on various ways. How the human physcology pretends certain fact about lives of people is showcased in the book. The book has begun with the history of how bollywood began. 

The story line is beautiful, attractive and keeps the reader going. This book isn’t limited to any set of readers. Any book lover would just love reading this. The research work by the author is so beautiful, and the hard work has been fruitful. 

You can book from here : Khan vs Kahn vs Kanh https://www.amazon.in/dp/1946129666/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_07jNybK9Z4WDD

My Man

Man of my Life ❤️

Nothing has been so beautiful for me as our bond, since the day we started talking, since the day we glanced hope, since the day our eyes made promises, since the day we became friends, since the day we shared the bond, since we fell in the cloud of Happiness, since we dealt with our pasts, since we started listening to the stories, since we heard the tales of demons, since our scars spoke, since our care flourished, since we broke in pieces of heart, since we comforted ourselves, since we wondered, If is this all love? Or just high comfortablility that fits us, and we gel well 🙂

Since, for all the days I began loving our togetherness,

Since, you became my friend prior and then I met Writer in you.

Since, we prioritised our bind,

Since, I smelled the togetherness of love in us.

Since the day I began feeling the hinge of possessiveness,

Since the day I wondered, if we could travel to our future.

Since, I realised that ain’t going to repent anything about this, but instead shall always cherish this all my life.

THANKYOU ❤️ for coming all my way,for making every day memorable, in either way of emotions.

Circumstances changed, bond remained ❤️

The holy sacred bond, enlightened my soul with happiness, don’t take this away from me.

Not for the reason, I cannot live my life without you, but I don’t want to. I would love to welcome every hurdle, even tantrums, every pain, let’s accept and cuddle them and make our way to the future, while we rest under one roof❤️

Loads of Love, hugs, kisses, and clenches😋

  • I hate you for all the time I fall over N over again in love with you.
  • I hate you for all the time you shoot the urge in me to hug you tightly.
  • I hate you for being so far, I feel as if I have to travel from galaxy to another.
  • I hate you for making me keep you as my priority.
  • I hate you for being my weakness.
  • I hate you for making me weak in my knees.
  • I hate you making me blush and I hate the pain for broadening my lips for long.
  • I hate you for making me cry so much.
  • I hate you for giving me only five days of time and ending it so soon.
  • I hate you for feeling of meeting you was just dream

Isn’t it love?

I wonder, if we could really be together for the rest of our lives, or just part ways.

But, then, yet, I would never regret this phase of falling and being in Love with you.