Review : Castle in the air

My verdict :

This book talks about architecture. The author has done splendid work in writing about the same, you often tend to miss out what architecture real work is, here is the book that tells you about everything they do, thier life, thier goals, thier schedules, hardwork, prioritising, managing and thier family. 

The author has shaped a new perspective about the struggle and lives of architectures, which usually we are not aware of . 
But this book gives you the insight of the struggle and happiness of architectures. It’s definitely turn paging book, the wit, sarcasm, and humor is amazingly written, which is not easy. The characteristics needed more life, nevertheless one good read. 

Its always architecture what speaks, what people admire, and remember. This book has taught so much and now I have knowledge about architectures too. 

The cover of book is okay ish, the name of the book seemed very fancy, which I assumed it to be fairy tale, but nevertheless good read. 

I suggest everyone interested in designing should give read this book.