Love heals everything-book review

Author: Akansh Malik
Publisher: Petals publication.

Story is about Aarush, the handsome hunk, and is atheist and falls for the his Best friends, sister Arohi who believes at most in God,and has come to Delhi for the first time for her internship, where by Aarush help her finding home, and make sure she isn’t alone in Delhi. Aarush and Arohi seems to look perfect match, whereby Kanika, (arohi’s sister and aarush’s best friend)  is already in love with Aarush.
How would Kanika react when she gets to know Arohi’s clossesness with Aarush? Who scarifies?

To know more, please pick the book.
Story begins well, and writer has tried doing good, and twists should have been better. But Akansh has made sure he could hold any reader till end, the love of Aarush N Arohi is enhanced way beautiful, no matter how hard situation is, if it is true love, it always ends up perfect, but whose true?
Aarush’s love for arohi?
Arohi’s comfortable with aarush or
Kanika’s one sided love?
Pick the book, enjoy the journey of the romantic novel and find what happens in the end.

I would rate 3/5.

Shashwati patil.

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Behind the curtains

Book review:

I am wondering how to begin with?
The books has taken me to the different world, where I thoroughly enjoyed reading every poem.
Yes Ankit, you bleed Poetry

One of the Best and my most favorite poem from the book is “Daughter of this country” you have written it so beautifully, anyone will adore the poem and efforts added, and it is the FACT of this country

The pain that you sensed is clearly been seen with your amazing work, one of the best work ever ever .

Yes.. He Is the author 👆

The book goes on with so many beautiful poems, few liners stroked right in my Heart!
Translator has done great job, not everyone can translate this beautifully, and keep the main essence of Poems.

Writing is not everyone’s cup of tea,
I will adore your writing to the moon and back, I love the writer in you, the spirit in you!
You inspire!
No words to Beautify your work!
Keep going!

Shashwati Patil.

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