Review : Letters in the Rain

Letters in the rain.

The cover of the book is light, radiant, and bluish, I quite liked the cover with the font and characters on it. Nevertheless, don’t judge the book by its cover.
The language is very lucid, and easy to understand. The narration is very simple and understanding, you need to re read if you’re taking days to complete this book.

The characters in the book are less, powerfully portrayed, each one of the character has life in them. The story is predictable as I turned the pages to read matched with my thought.
Aman, a nerd who is absolutely introvert, who has no friends but only his diary. Whose life changes completely once he steps inside the college to meet someone enthusiastic, fun, jolly, and carefree girl whom he falls for.
But will she also fall for Aman, or she has the soft corner for someone else?
To know more,
Read this book.

Anyone who is interested in Love stories can definitely pick this book.