I shall delay everything
That walks my way
And settles down
Your naked fingers
Kiss my nether
Till my flower
Dribbles honey
We feel
The ardor
Of love
Oozed by our souls. -Shashwati Patil © Prisoned_maya


Review : The perfect drug

The perfect drug is crafted, plotted, narrated with lots of research, and hard-working into creating this one whole book.
The cover of the novel represents differently than as to the blurb of the book, each has its own way to convey their meaning and essence to reader. The blurb is pretty interesting, one key point for any reader to pick this novel up, as it has very interesting and slightly different content to offer the readers. The story is quiet unpredictable.

Ananya, who belongs to middle class family, but indeed good with his studies since school, but yet wishes to be different from others. In becoming that he fetches his time to invent the perfect drug. Making one realise the divinity in terms of reality, one should search the slightest thing from the big, and vice versa.
This book is amazingly crafted, you should read it with peace of mind else you end up confusing everything that comes your way. This book also keeps you hooked with this unique plot.
There are lot of characters in the book, that leads to huge confusion, the book is elaborated quiet loudly.
Yet I loved reading the book, this book also taught me different variations of life in terms of philosophy.