Too cute to Handel with

Too cute to Handel

Blessed soul he is,
Not much into ego stuff,
Yaay! A carefree soul he holds,
And smile he carries where he goes!

Things are much to grab,
Simple philosophy rules he wears,
And keeps calm constantly,
Ignores the rest crap.

He laughs silently
Can’t talk loudly
Teaches well,
Concentrates on goal.

Blessed to have him
So patience full he is,
Glad to meet and share his company,
Never seen him bothered about anything,
Except for Ca finals!
Oh yeah!!
“He is too cute to Handel”

We irritate,
We bug him with silly jokes,
Trouble him more with idiotic questions,
Never has he been rude so far!
Too cool!
Too compose,
Yet a carefree blessed soul!
Thanks for holding a stupid company around us!

Shashwati Patil

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No caption can define

You’re rainbow!
So colourful,
Yet beautiful,
Hard to witness,
Lucky are few,
Who can see you in real.
Know you what exactly you’re!

The most wonderful part of you is,
You never fake,
Not even a emotion.
Nor you support wrong things.
Blessed is the destiny,
To keep us together.

Somehow we got together,
And its like we know each other since ages,
No one can match our insanity,
Imagine what we talk,
Not even our sarcasm level
Or deserve to be us 😛

In 26 days,
We roamed every corner of this city,
Tasted every street food,
talked worthy worthless talks,
Fell laughing,
Bunked classes,
Teased people,
And list goes on!

I know her so well,
Sometimes we make ourselves shameless act in public, and laugh
And yet times behave very posh,
But end up with tears,
Due to laughter.

We never made together forever promises,
Nor to solve each others problems,
Neither any lovey dovey cheesy impressive talks!
Time flew unknowingly,
Bond built happily,
And tightened the friendship!

I don’t know
What future hold for us!
But for sure,
This bond will never be broken.

And yes,
I hate anyone and everyone who will come between us,
No matter whatever you name it.
(Jealousy or over acting )
But you will always remain my ladylove!
The amount of care n insanity you carry,
I love it!
No matter its day or night,
You accompany where I go!
You listen to every dramatic n stupid emotion of mine,
My 3 am wali friend,
Even while dropping tears,
You make me smile with your stupid talks! :p
And only your dad knows partial of what we do,
How crazy we look,
What dress we are,
Where we go,
And what mere we do.

Day is incomplete without meeting you,
Without sharing my life with you,
We are so crazy,
People can’t even imagine things we share,
From cupboard to bed,
From pain to heal,
From chats to calls,
From mail to copypaste,
From swearing to stalking
From hate to love!
Gifts don’t matter,
Our relation is beyond material things is what I can assure of.

All I can say is,
People be be aware
Don’t Mess with us,
Better don’t trust the friendship we carry!

We can be as sweet as honey,
And once we are done,
We can mess with you more than anyone!
Don’t be jealous!

P.S : No caption can define our FRIENDSHIP !

I so love the way you react,
When someone asks,
“Are you Best Friends?”
And you say
This gal? And my Best friend?
Not at all!
We are just Hi-Bye Friends,
And friends with benefits 😛

Laugh or smile!
Cant deny the fact I long for !

Shashwati Patil!

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Tiecon 2016

TiE – The Indus Entrepreneurs !
Fostering entrepreneurship Globally

Tiecon 2k16,
Idea to Business !
It was held on 5th and 6th of Feb!
And what a awesome day it was, I miss it, I still wish to live in those days, with talented people around!

And yes I have learnt,
“The tree that gives more sweet fruits is easier to Bend”
And that’s Great people really are.

Within blink of eye, the most awaiting days got over! And all am left with is INSPIRATION AROUND ME!

I and my Team were working for IT, we did little help of fixing monitors, getting PPT’s before, coordinating and stuff!
Well, let me start with speakers !

Ms Janvi Joshi & Ms Nupura Kirloskar
are co founder of Getblee.com

Dance is great medium of expressions for people with hearing impairments, deaf dancers find it difficult to sync with music, no wonder they although enjoy tapping their feet! Blew, is a product that solves the problem by enabling them to maintain a songs beat count and groove gracefully to the music!

Meeting these two Beautiful young ladies was great, they were so down to earth, they are doing a great job and helping the needy! Often we are surrounded with our own problems in the world, we don’t even think of deaf and dumb people!
And here are these ladies who are solving the problem! 🙂

The amazing part was their session was, when they were asked to give advice to people, they clearly said,

“We are in no position to advice to anyone”

They dont like to be called ma’am!

Respect from heart is what they believe in!

Their simplicity bloosoms and make them more Great ! 

Malathi Holla:

Physically challenged woman who is an international Para athlete from India, she has won more than 300 medals an Arjuna award and the PadmaShri award winner!

Meeting this lady will give you constant smile on your face, she is always happy about things, being on wheelchair, she still keeps moving around, she has 23 people, whom she look after at her very own Maatru foundation, people with various disabilities! She is beautiful and very inspiring !

Her story is so good, she told she was attacked by polio when she was 14 months old, and was hospitalized for 15 years, she has given her exams on bed.

she says, she missed her childhood, mother’s love, and dad’s care, she never found herself happy those days, she felt she was mess. She missed her dad’s pat on her back, warm hug, pulling cheeks, throwing her in air and holding back with laugh, her mom’s love, kisses, bathing her, she felt she could never give happiness to anyone, she would never be good daughter. 

But look at her today, so graceful so energetic, she says, “am proud mother of    23 kids”

Zenia Tata

Executive director at X-Prize!
She has spent 22 years across 20 countries, working on diverse issues! She has taught on entrepreneurship in many universities including Harvard, Stanford , MIT !

This lady has Million Dollar smile, she is energetic lively and very cool, meeting her was great, one should learn how down to earth one great person can be, she is very kind and humble, she taught what and how technologies can help us in entrepreneurship!

She is so generous, she thanked each and every technician after her session for coordinating, which usually nobody cares to do!

Spend thousands of ruppes on makeup, and your makeup fades front of her smile, she carries beauty, simplicity!

She talks to everyone, waves Hi to everyone around! Most beautiful lady there! 

*bows you*

Charu Sharma

Multi sports television commentator.
Whose accent is awesome! And now founded and conducted India’s biggest the Pro Kabaddi League.

Meeting him was great!
He shared what sports mean to him and how is so found on any game! He plays them all by his heart!

He says, he dedicates all his life to games and sports, and would love to die in field or court playing some game.

Learn the passion and love for his game, so passionate, so lively, so wonderful!

If you’re keen on doing something you love, be so passionate, so exciting, so lively!

Dr  Velumani

Scientist turned entrepreneur and creator of  thyrocare technologies ltd.

He is humours man, his story is Fun to listen, in fact any story narrated by him sounds interesting! This is second time, that I met him, and he is amazing, teaching us very lil and beautiful things of life one should know.

His words will leave you,mesmerism, he says always, FOCUS, LEARN, GROW & ENJOY!

He told, how he killed the competition, how he had tried all DoCoMo, ola, and snap deal ideas, even before they started! 

How he over came profited, and still don’t have own house to live in!

He says, please parent and don’t pamper,

Please invest instead of expenses

Lease house instead buying one.

Lucky to have met him.

Lastly my very own Fav

Anousheh Ansari

First female private space explorer.

Meeting her was blessed!
I would call her, SupperWoman!
They way she did go to space, the journey she had had it, and the circumstances that she went through is fabulous!
She is super inspiration, any woman can have! And she looks so young and is so down to earth! So brave and strong.

The gutts that she has taken doing the work, nobody else could, please watch her video, you will be shocked, surprised and happy! *Goose bumps*

She went there for 22 months, how her husband supported her. She says, she dreamt of going to space when she was 8! 

You’ree not any less, so what if you’re gal?

You have your own dreams, don’t you?

Many a times we sit and cry blaming things here and there! We don’t FOCUS!
And we end being same! Our excuses won’t lead us anywhere!
Dream and
Please dream!
Focus, be passionate! And things will be done!
No substitute to hardwork,
And then I doubt, can’t it be ‘smartwork’ too?

Shashwati Patil

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Am very happy writing this today,
So this Blog is dedicated to my very dear son! My nephew!
Smaran Torgal
He is one year old now!
And i wonder how time has been so wonderful that, it hardly feels like yesterday he had come to this world!
Everyone were busy welcoming this Baby to the world, where I was waiting for him to hold in my arms, I had immense confidence since day one, that boy would be born!

Am so attached to him emotionally!
He is my everything! My baby darling, his lil things that he do, teaches me for big time!
So here are few things that I have been learning from my boy!

*Appreciate things, smile around, everyone else will be happy!
(He kiss and smile and laugh, when someone gives him something!
Maybe food or remote lying on sofa, he appreciate the lil things and thanks silently)

*Never sit silently, always indulge yourself in some work!
(In spite he is being ill, he walks around, he falls, and still get up and walk and walk around)

*Never sit, always walk around
(Don’t be couch potato, look everywhere around for the opportunities and grab them)

*Sleep on time!
(Have tight sleep, and quality sleep,)

*Don’t give up, always try,
(Let him be seated on compound or sofa, chair or bed, he tries to get down by himself, he is never afraid of getting down, he knows he will fall, and then cry! But again, he would try getting down by himself!)

*Eat how much it is required!
(Once your done, keep it away! Eat how much is necessary, although food is very tasty!)

*Remain active throughout, and carry positive smile.
(being ill, he still walks, do all naughty things!
don’t be lazy, don’t rest, keep doing your work)

*Be sorry for the mistake done!
And make sure opposite person forgives you!
( when someone is angry at home, for his naughty work, he make sure he make them smile with his own lil things, offering them, laughing , and seeking the attention )

*Learn things quickly!

These very lil things, that one should learn.

We often are bored and pissed off at people, we fail to understand to know things and there we give birth to ego, which will ruin things at one go!
Spread smile!
Burn your ego, and be passionate about work you do, instead discussing someone else’s life, plan on how beautiful you can make your life!
Keep gadgets in control!
Adapt healthy life! Eat good! Stay fit! And enjoy what you live ! And stay blessed! And thank almighty for everything given 🙂

Shashwati Patil

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Bharat kulkarni

He calls himself idiot,
Although he is one

He calls himself failure,
However, he is not one!

He is great,
Nevertheless, accept that!
Cause he is real!

He is 18, rich with two ideas,
And a company.
Moreover, more matured than his age.
He calls himself anti social element, because he don’t gel well with people around,
It takes him more time to mingle now.

He says, he used to be talkative and mingle well with everyone around, but at some point of time, something changed,  He was sued for something that he never did!

In addition, when the reason was asked, he clearly said, “as I keep telling you, I burn negativity and also keep negative people away from me, so I hardly remember a thing about it”

Also added in the conversation that, after joining TYE program, he has changed in good wise, he talks to people now, and is also okay talking to gals then, he tries to mingle, yet he has very restrictive nature.

He looks the world in different prospective and that is how entrepreneur in him took birth!

He always says, get inspired and not motivated, he defines inspiration and motivation according to his experience, and yet I haven’t understood what he tries to convey regarding the difference.

He not just get inspired, but also use that in action! And everyone should also do that!

He keeps telling Dream big!
The bigger you dream, and the bigger amount of knowledge you gain!
“Never give up” he stands on this!
Dream, dream and dream big, and be so passionate you will start dreaming virtually, and that is when hope arises of dreams coming in reality, that is when you are positive in nature.

He keeps inspiring everyone around, work hard,
Work smart,
Sleep less,
Focus more,
Have you worked?
Thought of something better ?
How is work in progress?
Are his usual questions!!

When he was asked,
Who is the reason behind you for being YOU today?
whom would u dedicate yourself to, for being so different person today.
Without much ado, he said “My Mistakes”
if I haven’t done any mistake, I wouldn’t fail, I wouldn’t fall, perhaps I wouldn’t learn and grow myself,  my mistakes taught me much in my life.

Further, he said I owe so much to Mister Vinay Pawar, who has always been inspiration to me, and have always been kind enough to help me every min, and probably he made me face my potentials whenever I thought, “I couldn’t do beyond this”.

I am blessed to have him
He is master in entrepreneur mentoring and wonderful strategy consultant, He is rich with his unique ideas.
He helped me grow every bit, he continuously pushed me to be what I am today,

Probably I learnt to stand when I was 9 months old, but today am standing with immense confidence that am doing good, and somehow believe that am gonna change the world, and so did my mistakes, apparently, robin Sharma did too.

I would like to thank my friend Prasanna for lending me beautiful inspiration book of Robin Sharma, “Who will cry, when you die” not just for lending me this book, but also for being with me whenever I needed, to give me inspiration and help me grow.

The book, helped me to know myself better, and better, I started blogging too,
The book was mere enlighten for me, and I was sure what I was doing, and all I needed to do was, keep faith in myself. In addition, believe in my instincts. 🙂

Something’s that I have known in him so far,

He jumps on cheese and chocolates like small kid.
He keeps working and when I disturbs him too much, without losing much patience, he just drags one word “wayyyyyyyytttttt” and helps people around, no matter how irritating they are, all he asks in return is chocolate!

He always listen to English songs, ( BASAPPAN KANAVALI)
He helped me so much, and I do not owe him any chocolates for
He always asks me to be positive, no matter what.
Dream big like no one does, sleep less, and get up at 5 am, be more passionate, keep working, you should know what to do, instead of how to.
He keeps asking me, why should we do this?
Instead, he is never cheesy, nor excited about new projects, he tries to find more uniqueness and to start something big!

Am done, too much of praises went right?
Maybe yeah! Cause he is blessed enough!

Well, want to know? Whom am I talking about?

Bharat Kulkarni, my dear friend and coach, BOD !

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Loved feelings !

All that I believe is him,
He is my strength!
My love❤
And everything had I ever needed

Am in love!
Am in love with him so much,
Thinking about him, makes me beautiful,
I love the way he stare at me, my heart skips a beat, and I like the way he asks me, if am doing good?

I love the way he comes tiring from his work directly to the kitchen and asks me “how was your day babie?”
And smells the aroma and says, “am so hungry, feed me na” with his pleading eyes,
I feel like eating him in one go,

I love the way he gives peak on my shoulder and hold me tight from behind!

I love the way he care,
The way he calls me “his babie” when he wants to explain hard,
Sometimes that anger in his eyes, when I don’t look after things !

I love the way,
He holds my waist,
When am on top watching stars,
My heartbeats gears up,
Moon shines brighter

Stars twinkle even more.
And I end up shying !

I love the way he grabs me in his tough arms even in his tight sleep,
And when he tries to make cold coffee that I love❤
I love the way he holds me in his arms and whispers in my ears, ‘don’t you know sweetheart?
You’re just MINE’
I like the way he loves me!
I love him,
I owe him my entire life
The best thing that ever could happen to me!

Shashwati patil
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Shashika 1

Shashwati Patil with Himanshika Sharma .

Why are you always rude to me?” He asked
“Because I don’t want you to fall in love with me
and get hurt.” She said looking away.
“Are you mad? What love are you talking about?
You are my best friend, don’t forget that.”
“But haven’t you heard – a guy and a girl can
never be friends?”
“Why are you being so filmy?
It’s been years that we are friends. Umm… wait,
are you in love with me? Is it the other way
“Yes, I am in love with you that’s why I don’t
want you to be in love with me. Because love
gives pain and how can I see my most precious
thing hurt?”
“How can loving me gives you pain? You were the
one who taught me, love gives you immense
“Yes, but when I want to talk to you and you are
not there, when I want you to love me you are
not there, when I want you to hold me you are
not there, then how can I be happy?”
A tear trickle down her cheek.
“I am sorry nautanki.” He says wiping her tears.
“But I am always there for you. Don’t you know?”
“Yes, you are and that’s all I want.”
She faked a smile.

“See, didn’t I warn you that you will fall in a pit
one day and look I was right.” He chuckles.
“And I used to tell you that you are filthy. Am I
not right now?”
“No. By the way I haven’t accepted your proposal
yet. You are still my beastie.”
“And I haven’t proposed you yet. How will you
accept it?”
“And someone in tears told me am in love with
you in, low voice, few moments ago. Who was
“You got to get your ears checked Mr. I haven’t
said that maybe one of your so called girlfriends
might have said that.”
“And you very well know I don’t have girlfriends
and moreover I hate them.”
“Oh yeah, that’s why you hang around them and
flirt with them?”
“Cause I love to sense that jealousy in your
“And why do you want me to get jealous?”
“Umm… when you are jealous, you shower more
love and attention on me.”
“But you get love and attention from every other
girl. Then why me?”
“Cause you are different.”
“I am just another girl.”
“Yes, but not every girl is chudail like you.”
“You are such a dog and I hate you so much.”
She picked up a cushion and threw at him.
He held it and started laughing.
“And only you can say this with so much of love.”
“I don’t love you at all.”
“Uh – huh!”
He looked in her eyes and she looked away. He
came closer and closer and held her from her
“Leave me.” She protested.
“Look in my eyes and tell me that you don’t love
me.” He whispered.
“How does it matter?” She whispered back.
“Cause I love you and I want you to love me
back. ‘Cause you love me so well.”
And they kissed.
Abh ankhe band kaaro

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