Bharat kulkarni

He calls himself idiot,
Although he is one

He calls himself failure,
However, he is not one!

He is great,
Nevertheless, accept that!
Cause he is real!

He is 18, rich with two ideas,
And a company.
Moreover, more matured than his age.
He calls himself anti social element, because he don’t gel well with people around,
It takes him more time to mingle now.

He says, he used to be talkative and mingle well with everyone around, but at some point of time, something changed,  He was sued for something that he never did!

In addition, when the reason was asked, he clearly said, “as I keep telling you, I burn negativity and also keep negative people away from me, so I hardly remember a thing about it”

Also added in the conversation that, after joining TYE program, he has changed in good wise, he talks to people now, and is also okay talking to gals then, he tries to mingle, yet he has very restrictive nature.

He looks the world in different prospective and that is how entrepreneur in him took birth!

He always says, get inspired and not motivated, he defines inspiration and motivation according to his experience, and yet I haven’t understood what he tries to convey regarding the difference.

He not just get inspired, but also use that in action! And everyone should also do that!

He keeps telling Dream big!
The bigger you dream, and the bigger amount of knowledge you gain!
“Never give up” he stands on this!
Dream, dream and dream big, and be so passionate you will start dreaming virtually, and that is when hope arises of dreams coming in reality, that is when you are positive in nature.

He keeps inspiring everyone around, work hard,
Work smart,
Sleep less,
Focus more,
Have you worked?
Thought of something better ?
How is work in progress?
Are his usual questions!!

When he was asked,
Who is the reason behind you for being YOU today?
whom would u dedicate yourself to, for being so different person today.
Without much ado, he said “My Mistakes”
if I haven’t done any mistake, I wouldn’t fail, I wouldn’t fall, perhaps I wouldn’t learn and grow myself,  my mistakes taught me much in my life.

Further, he said I owe so much to Mister Vinay Pawar, who has always been inspiration to me, and have always been kind enough to help me every min, and probably he made me face my potentials whenever I thought, “I couldn’t do beyond this”.

I am blessed to have him
He is master in entrepreneur mentoring and wonderful strategy consultant, He is rich with his unique ideas.
He helped me grow every bit, he continuously pushed me to be what I am today,

Probably I learnt to stand when I was 9 months old, but today am standing with immense confidence that am doing good, and somehow believe that am gonna change the world, and so did my mistakes, apparently, robin Sharma did too.

I would like to thank my friend Prasanna for lending me beautiful inspiration book of Robin Sharma, “Who will cry, when you die” not just for lending me this book, but also for being with me whenever I needed, to give me inspiration and help me grow.

The book, helped me to know myself better, and better, I started blogging too,
The book was mere enlighten for me, and I was sure what I was doing, and all I needed to do was, keep faith in myself. In addition, believe in my instincts. 🙂

Something’s that I have known in him so far,

He jumps on cheese and chocolates like small kid.
He keeps working and when I disturbs him too much, without losing much patience, he just drags one word “wayyyyyyyytttttt” and helps people around, no matter how irritating they are, all he asks in return is chocolate!

He always listen to English songs, ( BASAPPAN KANAVALI)
He helped me so much, and I do not owe him any chocolates for
He always asks me to be positive, no matter what.
Dream big like no one does, sleep less, and get up at 5 am, be more passionate, keep working, you should know what to do, instead of how to.
He keeps asking me, why should we do this?
Instead, he is never cheesy, nor excited about new projects, he tries to find more uniqueness and to start something big!

Am done, too much of praises went right?
Maybe yeah! Cause he is blessed enough!

Well, want to know? Whom am I talking about?

Bharat Kulkarni, my dear friend and coach, BOD !

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