Shashika 1

Shashwati Patil with Himanshika Sharma .

Why are you always rude to me?” He asked
“Because I don’t want you to fall in love with me
and get hurt.” She said looking away.
“Are you mad? What love are you talking about?
You are my best friend, don’t forget that.”
“But haven’t you heard – a guy and a girl can
never be friends?”
“Why are you being so filmy?
It’s been years that we are friends. Umm… wait,
are you in love with me? Is it the other way
“Yes, I am in love with you that’s why I don’t
want you to be in love with me. Because love
gives pain and how can I see my most precious
thing hurt?”
“How can loving me gives you pain? You were the
one who taught me, love gives you immense
“Yes, but when I want to talk to you and you are
not there, when I want you to love me you are
not there, when I want you to hold me you are
not there, then how can I be happy?”
A tear trickle down her cheek.
“I am sorry nautanki.” He says wiping her tears.
“But I am always there for you. Don’t you know?”
“Yes, you are and that’s all I want.”
She faked a smile.

“See, didn’t I warn you that you will fall in a pit
one day and look I was right.” He chuckles.
“And I used to tell you that you are filthy. Am I
not right now?”
“No. By the way I haven’t accepted your proposal
yet. You are still my beastie.”
“And I haven’t proposed you yet. How will you
accept it?”
“And someone in tears told me am in love with
you in, low voice, few moments ago. Who was
“You got to get your ears checked Mr. I haven’t
said that maybe one of your so called girlfriends
might have said that.”
“And you very well know I don’t have girlfriends
and moreover I hate them.”
“Oh yeah, that’s why you hang around them and
flirt with them?”
“Cause I love to sense that jealousy in your
“And why do you want me to get jealous?”
“Umm… when you are jealous, you shower more
love and attention on me.”
“But you get love and attention from every other
girl. Then why me?”
“Cause you are different.”
“I am just another girl.”
“Yes, but not every girl is chudail like you.”
“You are such a dog and I hate you so much.”
She picked up a cushion and threw at him.
He held it and started laughing.
“And only you can say this with so much of love.”
“I don’t love you at all.”
“Uh – huh!”
He looked in her eyes and she looked away. He
came closer and closer and held her from her
“Leave me.” She protested.
“Look in my eyes and tell me that you don’t love
me.” He whispered.
“How does it matter?” She whispered back.
“Cause I love you and I want you to love me
back. ‘Cause you love me so well.”
And they kissed.
Abh ankhe band kaaro

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