No caption can define

You’re rainbow!
So colourful,
Yet beautiful,
Hard to witness,
Lucky are few,
Who can see you in real.
Know you what exactly you’re!

The most wonderful part of you is,
You never fake,
Not even a emotion.
Nor you support wrong things.
Blessed is the destiny,
To keep us together.

Somehow we got together,
And its like we know each other since ages,
No one can match our insanity,
Imagine what we talk,
Not even our sarcasm level
Or deserve to be us 😛

In 26 days,
We roamed every corner of this city,
Tasted every street food,
talked worthy worthless talks,
Fell laughing,
Bunked classes,
Teased people,
And list goes on!

I know her so well,
Sometimes we make ourselves shameless act in public, and laugh
And yet times behave very posh,
But end up with tears,
Due to laughter.

We never made together forever promises,
Nor to solve each others problems,
Neither any lovey dovey cheesy impressive talks!
Time flew unknowingly,
Bond built happily,
And tightened the friendship!

I don’t know
What future hold for us!
But for sure,
This bond will never be broken.

And yes,
I hate anyone and everyone who will come between us,
No matter whatever you name it.
(Jealousy or over acting )
But you will always remain my ladylove!
The amount of care n insanity you carry,
I love it!
No matter its day or night,
You accompany where I go!
You listen to every dramatic n stupid emotion of mine,
My 3 am wali friend,
Even while dropping tears,
You make me smile with your stupid talks! :p
And only your dad knows partial of what we do,
How crazy we look,
What dress we are,
Where we go,
And what mere we do.

Day is incomplete without meeting you,
Without sharing my life with you,
We are so crazy,
People can’t even imagine things we share,
From cupboard to bed,
From pain to heal,
From chats to calls,
From mail to copypaste,
From swearing to stalking
From hate to love!
Gifts don’t matter,
Our relation is beyond material things is what I can assure of.

All I can say is,
People be be aware
Don’t Mess with us,
Better don’t trust the friendship we carry!

We can be as sweet as honey,
And once we are done,
We can mess with you more than anyone!
Don’t be jealous!

P.S : No caption can define our FRIENDSHIP !

I so love the way you react,
When someone asks,
“Are you Best Friends?”
And you say
This gal? And my Best friend?
Not at all!
We are just Hi-Bye Friends,
And friends with benefits 😛

Laugh or smile!
Cant deny the fact I long for !

Shashwati Patil!

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