Am very happy writing this today,
So this Blog is dedicated to my very dear son! My nephew!
Smaran Torgal
He is one year old now!
And i wonder how time has been so wonderful that, it hardly feels like yesterday he had come to this world!
Everyone were busy welcoming this Baby to the world, where I was waiting for him to hold in my arms, I had immense confidence since day one, that boy would be born!

Am so attached to him emotionally!
He is my everything! My baby darling, his lil things that he do, teaches me for big time!
So here are few things that I have been learning from my boy!

*Appreciate things, smile around, everyone else will be happy!
(He kiss and smile and laugh, when someone gives him something!
Maybe food or remote lying on sofa, he appreciate the lil things and thanks silently)

*Never sit silently, always indulge yourself in some work!
(In spite he is being ill, he walks around, he falls, and still get up and walk and walk around)

*Never sit, always walk around
(Don’t be couch potato, look everywhere around for the opportunities and grab them)

*Sleep on time!
(Have tight sleep, and quality sleep,)

*Don’t give up, always try,
(Let him be seated on compound or sofa, chair or bed, he tries to get down by himself, he is never afraid of getting down, he knows he will fall, and then cry! But again, he would try getting down by himself!)

*Eat how much it is required!
(Once your done, keep it away! Eat how much is necessary, although food is very tasty!)

*Remain active throughout, and carry positive smile.
(being ill, he still walks, do all naughty things!
don’t be lazy, don’t rest, keep doing your work)

*Be sorry for the mistake done!
And make sure opposite person forgives you!
( when someone is angry at home, for his naughty work, he make sure he make them smile with his own lil things, offering them, laughing , and seeking the attention )

*Learn things quickly!

These very lil things, that one should learn.

We often are bored and pissed off at people, we fail to understand to know things and there we give birth to ego, which will ruin things at one go!
Spread smile!
Burn your ego, and be passionate about work you do, instead discussing someone else’s life, plan on how beautiful you can make your life!
Keep gadgets in control!
Adapt healthy life! Eat good! Stay fit! And enjoy what you live ! And stay blessed! And thank almighty for everything given 🙂

Shashwati Patil

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