Tiecon 2016

TiE – The Indus Entrepreneurs !
Fostering entrepreneurship Globally

Tiecon 2k16,
Idea to Business !
It was held on 5th and 6th of Feb!
And what a awesome day it was, I miss it, I still wish to live in those days, with talented people around!

And yes I have learnt,
“The tree that gives more sweet fruits is easier to Bend”
And that’s Great people really are.

Within blink of eye, the most awaiting days got over! And all am left with is INSPIRATION AROUND ME!

I and my Team were working for IT, we did little help of fixing monitors, getting PPT’s before, coordinating and stuff!
Well, let me start with speakers !

Ms Janvi Joshi & Ms Nupura Kirloskar
are co founder of Getblee.com

Dance is great medium of expressions for people with hearing impairments, deaf dancers find it difficult to sync with music, no wonder they although enjoy tapping their feet! Blew, is a product that solves the problem by enabling them to maintain a songs beat count and groove gracefully to the music!

Meeting these two Beautiful young ladies was great, they were so down to earth, they are doing a great job and helping the needy! Often we are surrounded with our own problems in the world, we don’t even think of deaf and dumb people!
And here are these ladies who are solving the problem! 🙂

The amazing part was their session was, when they were asked to give advice to people, they clearly said,

“We are in no position to advice to anyone”

They dont like to be called ma’am!

Respect from heart is what they believe in!

Their simplicity bloosoms and make them more Great ! 

Malathi Holla:

Physically challenged woman who is an international Para athlete from India, she has won more than 300 medals an Arjuna award and the PadmaShri award winner!

Meeting this lady will give you constant smile on your face, she is always happy about things, being on wheelchair, she still keeps moving around, she has 23 people, whom she look after at her very own Maatru foundation, people with various disabilities! She is beautiful and very inspiring !

Her story is so good, she told she was attacked by polio when she was 14 months old, and was hospitalized for 15 years, she has given her exams on bed.

she says, she missed her childhood, mother’s love, and dad’s care, she never found herself happy those days, she felt she was mess. She missed her dad’s pat on her back, warm hug, pulling cheeks, throwing her in air and holding back with laugh, her mom’s love, kisses, bathing her, she felt she could never give happiness to anyone, she would never be good daughter. 

But look at her today, so graceful so energetic, she says, “am proud mother of    23 kids”

Zenia Tata

Executive director at X-Prize!
She has spent 22 years across 20 countries, working on diverse issues! She has taught on entrepreneurship in many universities including Harvard, Stanford , MIT !

This lady has Million Dollar smile, she is energetic lively and very cool, meeting her was great, one should learn how down to earth one great person can be, she is very kind and humble, she taught what and how technologies can help us in entrepreneurship!

She is so generous, she thanked each and every technician after her session for coordinating, which usually nobody cares to do!

Spend thousands of ruppes on makeup, and your makeup fades front of her smile, she carries beauty, simplicity!

She talks to everyone, waves Hi to everyone around! Most beautiful lady there! 

*bows you*

Charu Sharma

Multi sports television commentator.
Whose accent is awesome! And now founded and conducted India’s biggest the Pro Kabaddi League.

Meeting him was great!
He shared what sports mean to him and how is so found on any game! He plays them all by his heart!

He says, he dedicates all his life to games and sports, and would love to die in field or court playing some game.

Learn the passion and love for his game, so passionate, so lively, so wonderful!

If you’re keen on doing something you love, be so passionate, so exciting, so lively!

Dr  Velumani

Scientist turned entrepreneur and creator of  thyrocare technologies ltd.

He is humours man, his story is Fun to listen, in fact any story narrated by him sounds interesting! This is second time, that I met him, and he is amazing, teaching us very lil and beautiful things of life one should know.

His words will leave you,mesmerism, he says always, FOCUS, LEARN, GROW & ENJOY!

He told, how he killed the competition, how he had tried all DoCoMo, ola, and snap deal ideas, even before they started! 

How he over came profited, and still don’t have own house to live in!

He says, please parent and don’t pamper,

Please invest instead of expenses

Lease house instead buying one.

Lucky to have met him.

Lastly my very own Fav

Anousheh Ansari

First female private space explorer.

Meeting her was blessed!
I would call her, SupperWoman!
They way she did go to space, the journey she had had it, and the circumstances that she went through is fabulous!
She is super inspiration, any woman can have! And she looks so young and is so down to earth! So brave and strong.

The gutts that she has taken doing the work, nobody else could, please watch her video, you will be shocked, surprised and happy! *Goose bumps*

She went there for 22 months, how her husband supported her. She says, she dreamt of going to space when she was 8! 

You’ree not any less, so what if you’re gal?

You have your own dreams, don’t you?

Many a times we sit and cry blaming things here and there! We don’t FOCUS!
And we end being same! Our excuses won’t lead us anywhere!
Dream and
Please dream!
Focus, be passionate! And things will be done!
No substitute to hardwork,
And then I doubt, can’t it be ‘smartwork’ too?

Shashwati Patil

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