Day 2

Usually we are occupied with so much of things within us, and we hardly think of them if they matter to us or not. Yet, we start keep storing them in closet, in memories, in diaries.

So, why not sort what is important, more than anything, what is required, and what is not.

Few months back, when I sat down to clean my cupboard, I found my diaries that i used to write every day. I had stored everything within it, the good memories the bad ones, the horror ones, the threatening ones, the bills, the chits, the letters.

When i went through them, i realised though i have stored them in the safe layers of my heart and diaries, but what i realised is they are discomforting me now. That’s when i realised

” Only after dumping the so called necessary things in my life, i realised i never needed them”

That’s when i burnt those letters, and dumped things that aren’t needed.

You feel alot better when you start accepting things instead of just feeling bad about the phase.


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