Don’t be Judgemental

What if the guy isn’t good looking?
Don’t be racist,
These days you find,
Beautiful faces, with horrible souls,
Not every handsome guy loves You in real,
Not every dark guy is ugly at heart.
Thats totally fine,
Until he is able to connect with your heart.

Have sacred love life,
Instead lust-love-life.

When you’re low,
the guy who really adores you,
Walks in,
To make you feel loved,

Not the one,
Who is busy with professional life,
Holding cigar butt in his hand,
Asking you to, chill and relax.

If he doesn’t know to talk good English,
Thats totally okay,
He can connect with your heart,
And not flaunt with accent, trying to throw a fit.

Not everyone is same,
If handsome guys carry good heart,
Then dark guys carry handsome hearts
They are gem of persons,
Don’t be racist,
Don’t judge anyone on face,
Feel the love and care that connects you,
Not expensive gifts and
Big car drives.

He would be your soul mate,
Not the one to walk on ramp.

He wants your lips to curve into smile,
And feel comfortable within!

This is to all those guys and gals,
Who flirts and runs behind handsome hunks, money, bikes are cars,
Not everyone can give you warm hug, when needed!

Choose your soul mate,
Look the person from inside,
Not from face at least!

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