love · My Man

You’re My Home & Desired Novel 

You’re my home and Desired Novel :

You’re my Archipelago, where I can rest listening to your dulcet poetry, where we can pounder from one island to another, making thick memories, that would stick to our skin for longer & never decays like petals, the fragrance of our Love shall keep lingering in Archipelago with the verve of every step we shall Move towards the goals & keck ideas that I would snatch devouringly. You’re my comfortable Home and my Peace. And the Desired Novel.
With every passing minutes that we go through, the differences of ideations are evaporating slowly, & I am getting closer to you with every turning page of life that I admired.

The fears that you possess, the heart that you hold, the feelings that you feel, the respect I view, is all so beautifully captured and written.

With every passing memories we have, with every Heartbreak you went through, with every bad night you glued to are worth reading to know the real you.

With everything that you been, is beautifully presented in you and your poetry that makes you humble and kind person to be with :’)
I love you my Desired Novel 😌 I never want to finish reading you, with every passing period I m exploring you.

I want to eat you up 😉 for being so Delicious Love to me 💛
Cheers to have one year down, looking forward for more.

I shall count this day every YEAR, putting them down in the Jar,

Irrespective of having your besides or not.
I shall store every memory within me, splashing towards to sky, for its too less to pour on anything that I have.
O dear. I love You 😘


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