love · My Man

Memory lane In Love 

Everything unplanned was executed extremely well, and your presence was limelight to the end of the year & to welcome the new

With the loud music, followed by bonfire, dim lights, with bottles of wine and scotch the excitement kept doubling with every passing minute, we didn’t really care the attire we paired with, the way we swayed on the loud music, and how we kept gulping the glasses of wine one after the other. 
The pleasant breeze, fuddleness, and the switch to romantic song slightly made our inner demons calm. He came slowly and hugged me from behind, having perfect grip over my belly, and his lips started fumbling my neck and ears, and we swayed in each other’s arms, thats how we had to promised to end and start the year. For me, at that moment, nothing could be more prettier and elegant.

 Throwing all those tantrums of emotions, being hilarious, and totally unaware of what we spoke, the bottles had the grip on us, the Tongues were taister and entangled hard. He grabbed me by my waist, and looked into my eyes. Anh! His eyes seduced me and chills ran down my spine. He pulled me closer and walked down to the sauna. The happiness lingered our souls as if our nomad souls found home. 
The way he ran his fingers on my back, I sighed. As if the artist’s paint dribbled and settled on the canvas. He Pulled me closer and pressed his lips to mine, his hands reaching the nooks & edges of my body & soul, rooting his love on to them. He undressed my coyness, and stared at my collar bone & sucked it hard. My hands reached to unbutton his shirt, & wild kisses grew one after another. 
He started the shower and soon we were drenched & my den was dank with the pleasure of his fingers that danced & inked. I licked his coffer and my tongue painted his groin deeply. He tweaked my bosom and dabbed my udders slowly, sinking me in pleasure. 
After the soft moans continued with cozy giggles, he pulled me to the bed, he tasted all the honey that my pot leaked, Making me moan louder in the ocean of lust, he took my one leg on his shoulder and thrusted his Hardness into me. As though paper absorbed the ink. With the endless kisses and grins. we wrapped each other tightly, knitted our souls together, and weaved our love. We fell asleep holding each other. And our souls rested in home. The bond grew tighter. 

He is my Man, who cuddles me every night even after a bad aching day at his office, and wakes me up with soft smoothes though his sleep is incomplete. He holds my heart with pride and flaunt us. 
He is my Man, my Home and my Desired Novel. 


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