Book Review

Review : Les just not be only friends 

Name : Les just not only be friends

Author : Vikash Sharma

Publications : Creative keeda publications 

Price : 160

My verdict :

Well, it took longer time than needed to complete this book, the story revolves around Akash who has moved to noida for his further studies, meets his friends, then gradually life changes like any other group of friends live. With all the beautiful and stupid moments living together. The book has nothing new to serve cause that’s what all youngests do, the most cliché things, the book is romance genre, with philosophy. The mindset changes with the few tags, and the perception to look at the outside world. 

The pace of the story is too slow, which makes you feel irritated with repetitive scenes, it also covers about the life in film school. And how he falls in love at first sight with Neha. 

The cover of the book is okay-ish, the title isn’t much attractive. The book needs a lot of editing work. The scenes could have been less, the narration skills could have been edited or improved. Nevertheless the first debut book is worth reading one time. 


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