Book Review

Review : Transitions and beyond 

This book is totally filled with energy and positive vibes, this book consists of three modules or parts, each divided with 15 chapters. 

The cover of the is not much exciting, but well one shouldn’t really judge the book by its cover, the title is apt and suitable for the book. The blurb gives you the idea on what actually the book is based on, by reading the blurb itself, the positivity oozes. 

Each module helps you to overcome your flaws, to know it’s always okay, and never mess within your own mind and regret, not letting anything break you, face the difficulties, accept your flaws and mistakes, it’s okay to be imperfect. And yes it’s always the change should start within you, change the atmosphere, dream big. 

I liked the concept of this book, it’s self-help, and amazingly highly motivated book. 

Over all, an amazing concept. 


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