Book Review

Review : The Moon in The Sun

Book : The Moon in the Sun

Author : Sanjay Kumar Singh

Publications : Notion press

Price : 340

My verdict :

The story is beautifully portrayed in form of poetry, the entire plot is dived into two parts the first one carries the Past of Narayan Sambhan and the second half conveys how he discovers peace in forest. 

The title is apt for the book, which indeed the meaning. The cover of the book conveys lot, even the picture of the Tiger indicates about forest and wildlife and love for the nature.

The story revolves around Narayan Sambhan who talks about beauty of wildlife, nature and love for the same, discovering the forest is so thrilling. And portraying the same seems to be difficult but the author has done commendable Job. Writing the whole novel in form of poetry. Love for tigers, the lush Green forest, woods, tall tress. If you’re nature lover you will definitely find yourself paved in the forest green. 

An amazing story. 


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