Book Review

Review : White smoke 

My verdict : 

White smoke, the missing shimla girl By Nikhil Mahajan is the tale of love, romance, mystery, betrayal. Well, this book has three stories to go on, with the tinge of past and present. And the author has maintained the pace every well. All the stories are connected to one another. Sure the author has dealt in making lot of research work, which can be seen inside the book. The stories are fun, containing madness, though at times we feel it’s stupidity to do something for love but few people tend to do everything, breaking up with the present girlfriend to find a unknown girl from the photo, is a new concept :p. And also another love story to witness followed by another mystery, will cops be able to find the murderer? To read more, pick this book

The cover designed is quiet good. But the name really doesn’t have anything to do with the story, yet. It’s okay. Until you don’t judge the book by its cover or name. 

The narration is beautifully done, it’s fast pace story, the characteristics are good and portrayed well. 


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