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Review : The Aravan Head. 

The Aravan Head, the most thrilling, interesting with curious plot book, written by Arvind.

I couldn’t actually judge much about the book with its cover, but the blurb had little to say about the plot. The title is apt, but before completing the book you can’t really know what is going to unfold with. 

Three mysterious crimes, in different locations, but somewhere sort to be interconnected to one another. The stories are linked to the Mumbai mafia, how will the police solve the case. 
Characterisation :

The characters are powerful, fun to read, easy to connect with. The way the characters are portrayed, it seems you can feel, and see them. As though you know those people so well. 

The story, the plot, the research to connect the dots, the characters, and every detailed thing about the book is beautifully written and presented it so well. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. You find it little confusing in between, but as the pages turn, the plot reveals the story. It is unpredictable with essence of every emotional touch.  The narrations skills of the author are real good. 


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