Day 1

Love me project.

So this love me project is initiated by Secretsouldesires, aka, Soniya Kapoor.

So, this love me project tells you to take time for yourself to love yourself.

How often we end up not giving the care to our own soul when its quenching of thirst. We blind ourselves when its really necessary for us to love and accept how we really are.

So, it really takes strength to stand up and mirror yourself and tell 10 positive things about yourself. Mean them as you say them. Own those statements in yourself.

Well, here are those 10 things that i usually tell myself when i am low or either when i am disturbed, or sometimes when i am lazy, not wanting to do anything.

1. I am strong.

2. I am an angel

3. Nothing can let me down.

4. I am a divine soul.

5. Nobody can stop me achieve my dreams.

6. I am enough for my own self. I need not wait for anyone to hold me up, or ease my way.

7. I can heal my self. My soul is the best companion i will ever have.

8. I am content.

9. I am doing good deeds. I believe in myself.

10. Most importantly, i immensely love myself.

So, what are your strengths? Or your positive statements?

Write them down. Say them to yourself often. Mirror them to your soul, and see how things will change within you.



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