Review :When Opposites meet

“When Opposites Meet”
It is sometimes unusual to fall for the complete opposite person. Unlike, people always tend to have proper match with the ones who are just like them, whose likings are same in every matter and aspect of life. 
This book has something different to tell, three different stories where love blooms with sacrifices, commitments, strength. Fights within self ability. 
There are 6 main characters in this book, who are portrayed and characterised very well. Ritwika and her mother indu, who are more like friends, who is carefree. But Ritwika is disabled but finds someone stable who is not fit in other ways. Her cousin who is orphan who is very introvert. Everyone has a story to convey, set of emotions which will make your strings of attached to their story. 
Sachin Garg, is an amazing storyteller, his narration skills are brilliant and put very. I liked the concept of the book. The book keeps you glued until the last. 


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