Review – Undilevered letters 

I always have a special love for handwritten letters, no matter how time has changed, so much of technology in our lives, yet the smell of hand written letter, the love and excitement cannot match with digital letters.

This seriously,  is unique concept and totally different plot I have ever read. Good work J sir. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. 

The story revolves around Aron the postman, and Sara, and few more characters. Aron is postman, who went knocking doors to deliver one happiness. The story then shifts to twenty years, when they are relocating, and suddenly finds the bag where lot of letters are yet to be delivered by him. no matter how long it took for him to deliver letters, at the end he reached happiness, content, guilt, and love to the doors.  He knew his mistake and even after long 20 years, someone would have just refused to complete delivering those letters assuming the change of address, or might the recipient received another letter. Yet he delivered those letters. He knew the innocence of relationship, that he didn’t wanted to snatch away and feel guilty by the end.

Good work.
Beautiful cover, the title totally suits, easy language and good narrative skills.


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