Review- It happens only in Love

It happens only in love. 
Well. The title goes so apt with the concept, plot, and story of the book. 

It’s love, greater than anything in this world. It has its own powers, limits, extents, time, advantages and also the disadvantages. Sometimes, the love makes up everything beautiful in life, sometimes it ruins it all. 

Sometimes, love inspires you. Sometimes, love demotivated you. Sometimes, love can make you feel deprived, at the same time love can be amazing to you. It has such a strength. 

Aditiya a college going guy, who is carefree and also careless, who doesn’t really have goals. He has permanent relaxation fun with the idea of enjoying in his college days. Unaware about the world that hits you hard when you finish your education and wander for your goals and jobs. 
After his graduation, Aditiya finds himself demotivated and bored, not knowing what to do, as his friends are already doing good with thier preplanned life. While, randomly watching the news, he falls in love with one reporter. And that’s all. 

From then, the life changes completely. His own efforts are added to make his life. The transformation and efforts are worth inspiring. And that’s the strength of love. 
The book is simple, yet beautiful. You sink and Drown In the emotions, if you’re emotional person. I quiet enjoyed reading this book. 
Would rate 3.5/5. 
Anyone who loves reading love stories will enjoy this book. 


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