Review : Dreams implant 

My verdict : The book is super amazing and it sure is thriller. I totally loved the concept of nightmares and the connection with real life happening. 

It usually happens that we came across few things in life, and we either get obsessed with it or saddened by it, but the fact remains that we keep counting the same damn thing in our mind and heart, which keeps growing higher in our sub conscious mind which leads to dreams and nightmares. 
The characterisation of the book is simply superb, and thrilling. Not even for a moment, you will let your eyes off from the book. You keep getting engrossed in the story, about the plot. David is one such whole and soul of his family, he tries every damn thing to protect his family and keep them going. 
See how he connects death, real life and nightmare. 

The language, concept, plot, characterisation is amazingly built. The cover of the story looks pretty cool. 


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