Review : The ages of Aspirations 

Blurb : The growth of the Indian software industry is a success story rarely witnessed in the world and an election issue for Donald Trump. Admired by some, envied by others and inspiration for many countries “The Age of Aspiration” (Story of Indian Entrepreneurship) deals with the seeding of the Indian software industry and thus dawns the Age of Aspiration for millions of Indian youth and traces the life of Ajay a software engineer from a small backward village to becoming a software entrepreneur. From his coming of age to being the youngest head of a department to a roving ambassador for his company, he relates as an observer and a commentator of the important events during 1998 to 2004. It will fire reader’s imagination as it takes him through his entrepreneurship, phoenix moments, management of sexual desires, mastering moods, an advocate of the principle of Oneness, sense for rightness and justice and remain untarnished by success. About the Author Devinder Sharma has a PGDIE with many years in the IT Industry. He has traveled extensively in India and overseas and transitioned from official and technical writing to a novelist and engages, excites and informs his readers. He is an entrepreneur, consultant, yoga and pranayama practitioner, meditator and a foodie who loves cooking. Married with two daughters they live in Bangalore.
My verdict :

The title of the book talks about the story, the ages, the aspirations, and being the inspiration for longer. 

The book talks about entrepreneurship, the life of an entrepreneur, the zeal of an entrepreneur, the idea of an entrepreneur, the focused life of an entrepreneur. For how long should he himself believe In his own investment of time, money and invested idea is what you learn from this book. 

Ajay, an engineer, who takes up this entrepreneurship along with his friends. The Entrepreneurship seed was in him, as he kept watering the idea, and never gave up, his idea and life bloomed in this journey. The book also talks about how not to give up on any damn thing, if you believe In it, it is going to successful for sure.  As the Entrepreneur cross every hurdle, and every circumstance in his life. 

The author has amazing skills in narration of the story, and the plot, the characterisation, the introduction to them. The title is also apt to the book. 


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