Dear Best Friend, listen. 

When you’re busy with your work, messed up, seeing your own mood swing several times, piles of file to work on, so many files to edit and few to translate. 

And then your Bestie calls you from blue, starting complaining about you. For not messaging, replying, responding, talking, missing. She piles up stock of complaints on you on & on, without even listening to your one word. She changes my mood instantly, even with her long blabberings and complaints, it still feels good. 

It feels good to know when someone is shooting you with so much of rights, though smiling mischievously. 

Dear, Best Friend. 

I know, several circumstances and situations have dragged us somewhere to our work and respective world. But, I haven’t forgotten you.

Sometimes, when things go messed up. I remember the old times like we used to have long phone calls, and those never ending conversations on every existing topic on this earth. How we firmly believed that “Letting go” is what we choose, and we wouldn’t “Hold Back” anyone or anything. 
Sometimes, randomly I miss you, but I don’t have the guts of texting you right then. I see, you have been progressing to the new world. You’re doing amazing. Step every head of achievement and success. I love you. 

I shall always be your side. 

Maybe, I will disappoint you. But I will not let you go, or walk out. Remember I always love you. And I m always on your side. 

Love. 💕 


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