Book Review

Review – The Highway Man

This book has three short stories, and every story is amazingly plotted, characterised and well written. Those hidden facts and small things that we go through life. 

The first story, which maybe most of them could relate to, how one can easily get to so mad into one book and start loving the character. 

The second, how beautiful life is, how beautiful people around us are. Sneak into souls and there would be so much of Bliss everywhere. I loved sidzy and Jihan. The smile was also constant on my face while I read till the end. 

The third, the highway man. Yes, how often we get disturbed in life, refusing to move in life. How we sit back with pain or grudges in mind and not letting over selves move with time while accepting it. Sad story with Beautiful meaning. 

Alchem sir, you have not done the justice by keeping your babies out from the world for two years, but am glad that you finally did :’) 

Amazing plot. 


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