Book Review

Review : Ambiguity 

Author name : Tej Raval

PRICE : 175

PUBLICATIONS : Author paradise 
Blue : The story of Ambiguity revolves around the life of Frank Dawson, an aspiring accountant who survives a plane crash somewhere in the Atlantic ocean and gets marooned on an isolated island located in the unknown. After surviving there for more than half of his life, he finally manages to find his way to the world. But will the world be the same as it was when he left? He tries to find a way to deal with a world where mankind is at war with nature where one of them is destined to go extinct but either way, humanity is fated to be washed off the earth’s surface? But is there really any time left?

My verdict :

The cover of the book and title is quiet good. 

Reading the blurb, i couldn’t stop myself from reading this book. 

This is one such book that you can’t just keep away without finishing reading it, and this was very unexpected for me to keep going with the plot. 

The story line is quiet amazing, where you start reading about a Couple, who are madly in Love and longing to marry. But the guy wants to make enough money for thier wedding. After consoling his woodbe, he goes to Africa to work for two months on big project.

On his way back, he has so much to offer, so much to work on his proposal to his fiance. While coming back his boss also gives him surprise. Frank is so excited and happy, he calls his love to talk to her, dials her number….. 

And then… The moment she picks, something terrible happens. 

He lands into island, no phone no Internet, just he along with his life and memories and dream that held for his love keeps him alive for longer time than ever expected.

Would be meet her ever? 

Is it fairy tale? 

What would be she going through! 

To know more, pick this wonderful book and start reading now. 

The author has just not concentrated on love, departure, feelings and emotions. But has also included the most beautiful part ~Nature, for everyone to realise their efforts to keep this planet alive for longer period of time. 

What happens on the future? 

Should we be carrying oxygen cylinders with us while we walk and roam? 

Keep your little efforts in saving this beautiful nature! 

An amazing story.!!

I would rare 4.35 to this. 🙂 


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