Book Review

Review – Messed up but all for love 

Book Name : Messed up but all for love. 

Author name : Arvind Prashar 

Publications : Srishti publications 

Prices : 175
My verdict :

The name of the book and the cover of the book is beautifully designed, must say it’s wonderful and catchy.

The narration of the plot is fine. Easy language, beautiful plot, steamy scenes, twist and turns makes this book. 

Usually, there are problems with the couple while dating one another, and after winning over each other, they marry. The real time begins now, the real adjustment for life time bothers you. The excitement of marriage don’t long longer, the fun moments, the lovey dovey talks end up within some time of marriage. 

This is how exactly things kept growing and happening in Neil and Gauri’s life. 

They plan for trip with thier best friends, met a couple, the bond grows well with them so does the misunderstanding between the couples enhance.

What do you do after so much of misunderstanding, possessive wife who is beautiful, dedicated, hot and passionate.

How does the story revolves around? 

Will they part lives? 

Or things will turn all good? 

To know more, read this beautiful fiction book


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