Book Review

Review : Parrot under the pine tree

My verdict :

The title of the book seems to less attractive, but the cover of the book seems good to pick the book in a go. 

The language is easy, beautiful and smooth, author and the editor has done keen job on this. The narration is also impressive, and hence adds beauty to the fiction. 

The places have been well described, and its surely wants to add that on your wishlist to travel when you reach himalayas, kausani.

The Story initially revolves around Ved, who has been to this wonderful place Kausani in search of soul mate. He happens to find one beautiful girl named Sara. And the story moves on adding love and more commitment into. 

The passion, the perception of woman and man in love teaches you what love is, how you long for it and never want to loose it. 

Finally, when Ved and Sara gets hitched they have son named Dhruv, after this, the story and relationship starts withering slowly. 

That’s when the moment is, will everything fade away? 

Or will everything get back normal, and actually be a Fairy tale? 

An interesting fiction plot, mere fairy tale. To know more the story, read the book. 


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