Review : Coming Back Home 

Novel : Coming Back Home 

Author : Anuradha Prasad 

Price :300

Publications : Leadstart Publications 
Blurb :

“Arpita is on top of the world! After all she was the fresh face of Ponds India and had snubbed the casting couch of Bollywood to land a Leading role in the small screen’s most popular channel. Life never looked more beautiful! Riku is a small town man with handsome looks and big-time Bollywood dreams. He has no ethics and is raring to make it at any cost! Unable to bag big movies as a main lead he ends up accepting a romantic role opposite Arpita on small screen. Betrayed by her own innocence, she finds herself abandoned by her dream man and cannot fathom which is more painful? Whether her failed relationship or her vanishing career! Riku makes it to the dizzying heights of stardom after leaving her. Beaten and broken Arpita has to make it again to even exist in a ruthless industry that only celebrates success. It is a savage ordeal even to have a roof over her head and two square meals! What will happen to her now? Will god punish her forever for making one wrong choice? Will she die in poverty alone? Or fulfill the dreams that she had set out for? One person must trust her to give her a chance. One opportunity must appear to raise her again! Coming Back Home – will carry you through a roller – coaster ride, yet keep you well grounded for inspiration.”

My verdict :

The story revolves around the life of Budding Actors, who keep in so much of passion, life, burning Desire and lots of dreams to city of dreams, Mumbai. 

Usually we hear that millions of people go to Mumbai with packed Dreams to earn all the name and fame, achieve everything in life. 

But there are very few who actually do it, there is so much to suffer and struggle and finally get a small step to get in. And this books talks about it. 

The character Riku who comes from small city with burning DESIRE, with passion to earn all the success and make it bit on Screen  with the lead role, but everything that we wish doesn’t happen, right? Riku was done with his tries and was felling low as well as high passionate about his career and why isn’t he being selected, he has given so many auditions, and always got small roles to do. He has been sacrificing all the luxury to achieve his dreams, and he is so sure he would do it one day. 

The girl,  Arpita who is beauty with Brains, who had very Challenging and beautiful career ahead, drops everything and walks to the city of dreams, who is well aware of everything happening, who is tired of giving auditions day by day, her 201 audition speaks about how the bollywood is. 

Riku climbs the ladder of stardom with help of Arpita, and ditch her when he gets chance on big screen. 

Where will Arpita lead to? 

Will Riku make it Big?

Will both of them patch up again? 

To know more, pick the interesting book now. 
I personally feel the cover of the book is attractive and beautiful, little bit of attention was need on editing, the author starts the book on usual things, but as you flip pages there are unpredictable things.

I like the part of women, who is Stubborn, beautiful, bold and who can knock out at right moment of time, no depression, no act,  nothing can stop her if she has made up her mind in something very keenly. 

Beautiful read 🙂 
About the Author 

“Anuradha Prasad is a feature writer, artist and a model. Her passion is writing! She had the privilege of working with the best publications in the country. She has published thousands of articles with the top Newspapers and Magazines. She has a Phd in English Literature from Mumbai University and was featured on the cover of Times West-Side Plus. She writes on invitation regularly. Blogging, observing nature, traveling, listening to music and watching Bollywood movies are her many passions. She lives in Mumbai. To know more about her, please log on to”


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