The lost friendship

How does it feels to look back?

Look back at your self, the way you were binding yourself in the friendship, praying it would last forever, wishing this to be eternal, how firmly I believed that the one who came in life, will remain on my side like Forever, though I learnt lessons while many walked away without word.

But still, I hoped. Still, then I was keen to make it happen till we grow old.

But, just like others, the friendship also glided away. 
And the saddest part is, I still Hope over someone, I still look someone with me down the line. I still hope we last forever.

Everything ends, heart breaks, tears flow, but Memories never fade, why?

Yet the heart aches for the Lost Friendship. Giving several chances to same person, o to break it all again? Yet Hopeless hopes!

It literally tares me apart, when I look behind. Why were I so engrossed? Why did I love so much, that in return it just hurt me. 

I wish I pretended like things didn’t hurt, I wish I pretend like things don’t bother. But then they do. 

I also smile with the Hope, that your Memories would also Fade away, like our Friendship glided away.
Shashwati Patil


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