How could you? 

​I hate you..how easily could you walk away from life?

If you had to walk, if you had to leave,

Why on this fucking earth,

You loved me?

Why did you held me?

How easily you lost the battle, surrendering yourself to death?


So that, I dream us, and build castle of love, and than break all those myself?? Maybe, walking away from life was much easy for you,

But, to let you go.

It feels like stamping my on heart,

Striking sword across my own heart,

no, am no fire,

I can’t burn your pictures, letters, and memories.

And they won’t turn into ash, mixing with air.

Instead will hover over me all my life.

You will remain like living element to me,

Maybe, reason to live, or 

Reason to blame.
Perhaps, I could easily fade within you, 

But, that won’t happen with me, and if you bid goodbye, I won’t let you die. 

I won’t deny, I am fool of course,

But not so big one to give my timid heart again to someone, so he could break it all again!

No, memories won’t fade, 

Maybe wouldn’t blush anymore, the way I would hearing you,
Was loving you madness?

or breathing here waiting for you?
Shashwati Patil


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