My Man

Dear Love. 

Just a moment to thank you for all the love that you keep Showering upon me.

Ain’t the worth of it, but am too selfish to let it go, or let you go. You just appeared like angel from the womb of the heavenly sky, adoring me in every way, teaching me about everything, giggling at me while I make mistake.

Life couldn’t have been more beautiful than this, every day I hope for new things that would begin from you and never return to end. I just don’t want to bid bitter goodbye to the journey am travelling, why should I stop travelling? When I am immensely in love with life, with the new life that just happened to me, and everything gladdened like never before.

Falling madly in love with every phase that we are living, the connection is growing strong as wildfire, so protective like lioness safeguarding her cubs from disaster, as colourful as artist strokes his brush on canvas flattering with new lives daily, as emotional as Poet who kisses his verses before he walks to dreamland, as beautiful as rainbow sprinkling and enhancing the beauty, as good as pleasure that shrinks love on body, as sacred as manhood. Am just madly, entirely, beautifully fallen in Love with this what we are.

I would always glow your name with love, no matter where destiny shall land us to.

You would be the most beautiful broken piece that I have ever collected, that I have mostly adored, that I have only fallen for, that I have always sought for. ❤️

Valentines day, a day that every couple celebrates.

But for me, as long as you’re with me, you keep making moments worth mesmerising, you make every day special ❤️ for the only reason, ain’t much keen on celebrating either valentines day with you or birthdays.


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