My Man

Man of my Life ❤️

Nothing has been so beautiful for me as our bond, since the day we started talking, since the day we glanced hope, since the day our eyes made promises, since the day we became friends, since the day we shared the bond, since we fell in the cloud of Happiness, since we dealt with our pasts, since we started listening to the stories, since we heard the tales of demons, since our scars spoke, since our care flourished, since we broke in pieces of heart, since we comforted ourselves, since we wondered, If is this all love? Or just high comfortablility that fits us, and we gel well 🙂

Since, for all the days I began loving our togetherness,

Since, you became my friend prior and then I met Writer in you.

Since, we prioritised our bind,

Since, I smelled the togetherness of love in us.

Since the day I began feeling the hinge of possessiveness,

Since the day I wondered, if we could travel to our future.

Since, I realised that ain’t going to repent anything about this, but instead shall always cherish this all my life.

THANKYOU ❤️ for coming all my way,for making every day memorable, in either way of emotions.

Circumstances changed, bond remained ❤️

The holy sacred bond, enlightened my soul with happiness, don’t take this away from me.

Not for the reason, I cannot live my life without you, but I don’t want to. I would love to welcome every hurdle, even tantrums, every pain, let’s accept and cuddle them and make our way to the future, while we rest under one roof❤️

Loads of Love, hugs, kisses, and clenches😋

  • I hate you for all the time I fall over N over again in love with you.
  • I hate you for all the time you shoot the urge in me to hug you tightly.
  • I hate you for being so far, I feel as if I have to travel from galaxy to another.
  • I hate you for making me keep you as my priority.
  • I hate you for being my weakness.
  • I hate you for making me weak in my knees.
  • I hate you making me blush and I hate the pain for broadening my lips for long.
  • I hate you for making me cry so much.
  • I hate you for giving me only five days of time and ending it so soon.
  • I hate you for feeling of meeting you was just dream

Isn’t it love?

I wonder, if we could really be together for the rest of our lives, or just part ways.

But, then, yet, I would never regret this phase of falling and being in Love with you.


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