Review –  Zero to one 

Book title- Zero to One

Author : MVG Maneesha Agarwal

Publications : Notion Press. 
My verdict : 

 Zero to One is a fascinating read. Author has attempted to recount the story of Manu, the sole survivor after the whole world is overwhelmed. The one who was in dilemma about happenings, even after living moments, he felt he imagined them.This story is about all civic establishments in some shape or the other. She demonstrates the devastation one would feel in such a circumstance and how Manu, the ancestor of the Indian human progress fights all chances.  Book is pretty interesting, narrating all the facts and rituals. 

The writing and story line is clearly picturesied very accurately, you have no chance of getting confused, all the sanskirt key words/ terminologies are specified thoroughly. You learn lot of things via this book! 
The writer has done really good, it really takes much knowledge to research on mythology, and work on it thoroughly! 

My Man

I miss you too😥

The warmth of your touch, the love of your eyes, the innocence in your eyes, the soft tender of your lips, is all I miss today.

I wonder, how we grew so close, and how those five days passed, in a blink of an eye, today when I go to bed, my eyes dribble silently, my ears wait to hear you whisper love, my neck craves for a peak, my waist longs for your wrap, my cheek miss your face where I tug, and my legs search for the comfort on yours.

I miss it so much, but then, I look at the moon, the way we would watch sky, how comfortably I were wrapped around you, grinning, giggling, kissing, shivering in cold, those fluid kisses, those warm comforting hugs, and what not. Ask the moon and midnight, they shall recite our tale in joy.

Yes but then, now I watch the moon, and smile with tears, cause you’re also below the same sky, and the moon is blessing my love on you as he shines brighter, looking at you.

I miss you, Love.

I breathe peacefully, cause I gotta live long for you, cause we have goals, a roof to stay, and bucket list to complete.

Stay blessed, honey💞

I love you more!


Character from Joys and woes are Woven fine

Ketki talks:

I don’t know anything!
I am unaware of anything,
I don’t know,
Where I hail from,
I don’t remember
How my parents look like?
I have no idea
Why I am here?

If my parents had to leave me,
Then why did my mom carry me in her womb for 9 months?
Whom am I supposed to ask?
Who will answer me?
Why did Almighty play with me?
Everyone worship you dear God!
They say you’re good lord,
But you have been doing things bad with me😪.

All I needed was little care and love!
Although god has snatched everything !!
Am left alone!
Am 16 years old, carrying a new born baby!
Probably the age to enjoy one’s life!
Am feeding my gal child,
Pleading God to bless her with happiness!

There are so many unanswered questions!
There are many people like me,
Who are wandering around!
Who are called as whore,
People use them,
And named as prostitutes!

When you have made such a beautiful world,
Why didn’t you bless people with good thoughts?

Blessed are the children,
Who are Sade and secured with their families.
Questions are many!
No one to answer them! 😕😕😕



First Guest Lecture 

Oh yes!!!

My first Guest Lecture on “Journey of being an ENTREPRENEUR” was truly amazing Experience!
Adarsh Shikshan Samiti commerce college of Gadag had invited us to speak, to inspire Pu and Degree students 🙂
Best part was, neither we knew what to talk nor had planned for it, all we did is spoke on Spot! :’)
We initiated with, what made us be entrepreneurs, how we got the idea, and platform and how TiE helped us!
I spoke about my personal inspiration, Varun Agarwal, how his book helped me,

How it made me inspire.

Maatru paaka

A hungry business!
Bachelor’s, PG students and working professionals, who are fed up with Canteen food, Mess food.

Who can’t afford Hotel bills daily, but also can’t survive on street food, as its unhygienic!
We have a solution to these,

We serve them food.

Which is maintained hygienically, it is prepared by house wives, making sure, wearing gloves, head gears and aprons provided to them!

So that, people who come from different place, in order to persue education or also for jobs, so that they don’t feel home sick!

We also keep changing the menu!

And we provide food at the door step!

This was all about Maatru Paaka!
Our first audience were, 300 plus,

Who were students, of our age, and also a year elder to us!
And yes it feel so good


Being teen, and talking and interacting with students, telling people of your age about ENTREPRENEURSHIP!
It was like,

“My Story Session”.

All this while,

I kept meeting Big people,

Heard about them,

Told them that, their story was so inspiring,

And listened to them.

And clapped for them 🙂
And today,

I had the mike,whatsapp-image-2017-01-08-at-9-37-23-pm

I had people listening to my story,

I was inspiring them,

Motivating them.

And they were listening to me,

Clapping for me❤
That was happiness for me!
And cherry on the cake was added by Degree principal, when he said :
You all are of same age,

Today you’re sitting here and listening to them!


These are standing on dias and talking!

Here is the difference! :’)
Oh yeah!

It was prettywell! ☺
Oh yes,

Oh yes,

Oh my God, I feel like a Star 🙂 🙂 !!


Breakup_ little hard

Description: Final breakup.

Final goodbye!
On the river bank, that seemed,

Looking aside and sensing the breeze,

The feeling of my love is still in,

I remember every spent moment.
Playing swing,

Fightings for every silly thing,

The rose that I stamped,

Story telling sessions,whatsapp-image-2017-01-08-at-9-32-25-pm

Our hug

And my mood swings!!
Contrasting me,

Evoking in me,

Everything was tyro,

Those small gifts,

Chips we ate,

Chocolates we threw,

The Maggie we had,

The trips we had,

Everything comes in form of memories,

And tear drops in my eyes.
Lips curving for smile,

But I have lost all these,

I smile silently,

Cry intensely,

Die hard,

Those happiness can never be part,

Those jumps,

Long letters,


Typical lovers,

I miss them all.

Never can day pass without these memories,

I miss them till I breathe.

I love you.

I still do.


Why regret? 

We all have one person in our life,

Who we regret having so far, or feel guilty about,

Or it may happen like

A person stops talking to you all of sudden,

Acting weird.
You feel ditched, sad and cry about things, but end up doing nothing about it,

And also regret giving second or severàl chances to them,

But time is up,

Need not regret more,

God has better and BEST plans for us,

If someone has gone, its for our betterment,
Don’t cry over,

There are new people to come in,

And they are more deserving,

Who shall understand you more,

And probably stay with you forever!

Don’t loose hope!
Smile, forgive and forget!
No big deal,whatsapp-image-2017-01-08-at-9-34-16-pm

You can still live, breathe and enjoy life without the one, whose gone,
You need to change,

Act hard according to the situations in life,

How long will you sit and cry over things?

Face them,

And get rid,

Stop bothering about the person who has gone,

Stop it for your sake,
There that person is enjoying,

Then why are you supposed to shed tears?



Cherish the moments well spent 🙂


Review- when the heavens smiled

Book title : when the heavens smiled.

Author :Ritesh Arora

Publications: Srishti publication.

The story is about Sarthak Arora who is sharp and intelligent and is selected in campus interview for netcon it company in Kolkata.
His friends Raja and Ankur are from same place.

They often hang out and party together.

One evening, when they decide to party in Grandvilas five star hotel.

They tend to meet raja’s friend sarangi, who is staff at the hotel.
Sarangi is beautiful bong gal.

Sarthak is attracted towards her beauty. And there friendship blossoms, and exceeds.

Sarangi and sarthak starts hanging around, and feel the connected. 

One day while shopping, she feels uneasy and they come back home and she is diagnosed by disease, extreme stage of cancer.

The specialist of Kolkata and also USA doctor, tell him that she has three months to breathe.

Everyone are broken, including her and her parents.

But sarthak does not loose hope, and save his love of life.
He tries contacting every person possible, and once while talking to his granddad, he helps sarthak telling he knows a person,but he is not doctor. But still could help and cure sarangi.

Sarthak travels along, and with the help of guruji he saves her.
Impressive points:
Language used is damn impressive.

My fav line in the book :
“Is it always curtains when the physician says its over? The answer is no. Unless god says no, its never over. And you will 

Find that out in minute.”
The story is sweet n simple.
When you wish for something good, whole universe joins with you. All you need to believed within.
This book also contains, philosophy.
Even rudest and stingy people will help you, when you’re true !
Hence, would like to rate 4 stars, to this book.!
Shashwati Patil