Review : The Icelandic Voyage 

Book Name : The Icelandic Voyage 

Authors name : Dr. Amit Gupta 

Publications : 

Blurb : Travel books strive on cliches. And mostly it is a single man on a ‘journey of self-discovery’, phew. Well, not this one. The author along with his family decides to take a trip to the outlandish Iceland. It was a huge task first of all to convince his family to side-line a trip to the sandy beaches of Italy or France and linger upon the idea of a country which has active volcanoes. After a delayed nod, they set on a road trip to discover the most unusual tourist destinations in the world. So, what sets Iceland apart, the black beaches, or a crashed plane turned into a tourist spot, or the city where the population of people can be counted on your fingers? Or the non-existence of mosquitoes & McDonalds. They don’t coincide but you cannot find one in Iceland. Read their journey about how the author faces his family’s indolent behaviour and how he deals with it throughout the whole trip. And also, take a glimpse of a rendition of ‘Gerua’, Gupta family style.

My verdict : Well, this travel book has contributed more for me to day dream. This book tells you about the specific place Iceland, and anyone who even would just take a glimpse of book or go around the pictures, they would definitely dream to visit the place once. Well, this place has been a bucket list wish for me. 

This book talks so much about the place, the every minute detailing has been mentioned in n this book, from the beginning, this book can also be travel guide, from packing to moving, from food to parcels, from shopping to travelling, from blogs to convincing his family about the trip, everything has been mentioned, the environmental conditions, the speciality about the place, and author has tried to cover every possible thing. 

The gerua moments are such beautiful, and happy moments, and worth capturing, lucky enough to travel along. 

I really liked this book, and thankyou for writing this, and this made me have this on my bucket list❤️

The language is very simple and understanding, the narration of the plot is simple. 

I would rate 4/5.

You can buy the book from here : The Icelandic Voyage (1) https://www.amazon.in/dp/B01NBU7RIO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_GH-Jyb8TEB8G6


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