You have always been there for me when needed, moreover, you have also been there, when I myself didn’t know that I needed someone strong beside me. 

Every single time, I stretched my hand, you always extended yours and held me close. Understood every odd and even situation, and supported in my run. 
Irrespective of my mood swings, without excusing about your work or studies, without giving reasons of being busy or help up, without questioning the odd time, though  early morning or late night, you tolerated my tantrums, and carried my craziness and stood beside me patiently. 

Believe me, You’re the only Person, who always ran whenever I needed. 
I really can’t list a set of things you did to me,  

From shopping to packing, 

From laughing to lending shoulder, 

From fithly talks to heavy flirting, 

From every point of pick and drop, 

From listening to my talks, shouting and taunts, dancing, laughing, long drives, trips and what not. 

The stories we share, the moments we make, the Songs we dance on, the way we match steps, the comfort zone we share keeps us close. 

Dude, you have always heard me when needed, and mostly, I would love to thankyou for being always there, you’re more than best friend, more than anyone, you are only person, who never reacted but always responded, you’re only person who didn’t just listen to my Bad mood swings, you were also there, when I wanted to share my crazy nasty stories, and expressed my every emotion of life.

I don’t truly believe in forevers, But I always wish to have you beside my darling friend. Stay blessed ❤️❤️


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