Review : Double or Quits 


Racy, realistic and fast paced, Double or Quits traces Jyotsna Singh’s story against the backdrop of the treacherous stock markets. Losing her father at the age of 12 and brought up under frugal circumstances, Jyotsna grows up too soon. Nervy and edgy by nature, she morphs into a confident and charming young woman with a successful career in Investment Banking. Enter Aryan Sahani, rising corporate star and billionaire who wraps Jyotsna in his charms, but has plans of his own. Driven by her loyalty to the firm, a desire to break out of her lower middle class moorings and misplaced love, Jyotsna overreaches. She is soon faced with the dark side of the stock markets – a world where ambition, greed and fear rule and reputations are lost a lot faster than they are built. Will Jyotsna be able to resurrect her life? Will she find the true love she has been craving? Double or Quits is a tale of love, betrayal and courage. It is a tale about falling down, but not staying down.

My verdict :

The story is very beautiful, I just liked the way, the author has played the roles of character, and narrated the entire story very well. 

The suspense is in the most different way, I personally loved the Main character Jyotsna Singh. She belonged to middle class, consisting small family that included her mother and granny. It revolves around her college life and then to her professional life, passing through hard times and finally falling in love.  The way she achieved her dreams, although passing through tough times, watching her work, one could immediately be boosted to work hard, and smart. 

I also learnt few things from the book, from writing skills to shares and work arena. The depth of the information regarding shares, IPO, SEBI, analyst, recommendations, the value of company and its confidential matters, the passion, the life style, the friendship, the love of the family, those circumstances everything has made every page interesting, I also love the way the story travelled, one might have not even thought about the twists and turns and at times the story is predictable. 

The editor has done commendable work on it, and so did the author, gathering the information, plot, idea, characters, story line, the hardwork is clearly seen. 

Beautiful work 🙂 

Every book lover ought to read this. 


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